Today is a sad day for me. Without going into too many details an announcement was made today that hurt me and many of my friends. Its hard to dedicate your work to something you believe in only to have that work be thrown away and makes me look like a liar. I am happy with the announcement but not with how it was done. Its made me realize I need to move forward with my own dreams. I need to stop living for others and the past. I need to move for the positive and for today. So here are my positive affirmations for today:


* it’s St. Patrick’s Day – which means corned beef! (one of my favorite things in the world!)
* today mini-man is 13 months old!
* I have a loving and supportive partner in life
* I am traveling more than ever before and I am getting to share these adventures with my son.

I love my life and want to resume sharing it through this forum. It’s been a while but I really miss writing and hope to pick this back up. Who knows what the future holds and I want to write it all down.

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