Sailing with Princess Cruises- Embarkation


We arrived at the terminal in Long Beach (the EXACT same one that you see in The Love Boat). However, we were instantly disappointed. Thanks to modern day security constraints, that we couldn’t see the entrance that was used in the show was blocked off.

Once we passed through security, we tried to explore in an area that was used on the show. The area was open (i.e.: no ‘Keep-Out signs, no ropes, no security, etc.) but apparently in this port that means ‘Keep Out’. We were instantly yelled at by a member working there. Not exactly an ideal way to start our trip.


Once we were on-board things got better. Since our room wasn’t ready just yet, we decided to have lunch. The staff who greeted us were extremely friendly and even personally escorted us to the dining room. Now this was more like the Love Boat – quiet atmosphere, good food, and pleasant service.


With our tummy’s now full, we headed to our room where we met our room steward – a very nice gentleman who helped us get settled in. I am an obsessive organizer who needs to put everything away instantly. I feel better knowing where everything is and, in my opinion, you can get out of the room faster when you know where everything is. We had an hour before our lifeboat drill so we decided to check out the ship. 


I was excited to see the kids area – the pictures I saw before the trip showed an area with a lot of things for kids to do. The area was so cute – lots of games, a climbing play area, books, and more. Mini-man is too young to be left there alone, but we could take him in with one of us. Unfortunately, we were unaware that this was Spring Break and the ship has over 300 kids in this kids club alone (over 1100 kids on the whole ship). The staff were so nice to advise us that it would be very busy and that mini-man wouldn’t have too much fun playing in this area. 


At this point it was time for the lifeboat drill. This is the first time I have cruised that I actually needed to bring my life jacket with me! Once we arrived at our muster station (which was the theater) it was way past mini-mans nap time. He did not want sit in the chair and wait for the drill to be over. Then we had to try the life jacket on him – that was not fun. Once the drill was over, we headed back to the room to try and get mini-man to nap. Unfortunately with such an exciting day, he was over-worked and over-tired. It took a while, but he finally fell asleep and so did I. 

When I woke up, mini-man was still passed out but I was hungry. Damon volunteered to grab some food and bring it back to the room. While he was gone I discovered the all ‘Love Boat’ channel – score! 

Once we ate, it was clear mini-man was down for the night. So we snuggled into bed and started our journey towards San Francisco. 

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