Welcoming Mini-man into our Clan


Two years ago Damon and I were on a cruise when I noticed something peculiar. One day I’m enjoying soda and cruise food and the next (literally the next day) soda made me ill and all I wanted to eat were salads. I suspected something was up but dismissed it. However, my suspicions were confirmed when we got home – I was pregnant. 10 months later, we welcomed a bouncing, baby boy into our family.


When my due date arrived, I was done being pregnant. At my check-up with my midwife she said I was close but could still be another week. As you can imagine, I couldn’t bare the thought of waiting any longer to give birth. I was anxious to meet mini-man and to stop being pregnant. That night I tried as many home remedies as I could to jump start labor – spicy food, Epson salt bath, magnesium, etc. I don’t know if these worked or if it was just time – but in a few hours I was in labor.


I woke Damon up at one in the morning and he called our midwife who confirmed I was in labor. She hurried over and began setting things up. What happened next was one of the most amazing experience of my life.


In bed with Damon I began to progress. There was no pressure to hurry; the room was calm; my midwife encouraged me – I felt so safe and strong. Many of my friends said that labor scared them. I never felt more empowered. Not once during the process did I think ‘I can’t do this’. I trusted my body and the people around me. This made for a very easy birth.


After nine hours of labor, mini-man was in my arms. The first thing I heard my midwife say was ‘Oh my god he’s huge!’. Turns out I had just pushed out a 10lb, 22 in little boy with no drugs! That’s right no drugs – just peace, quiet, and a lot of amazing support.


And we were off. Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. But the experience of a homebirth is a great way to start. Immediately it’s just you and the baby. I think that immediacy forces you to step up and start taking care of the baby.

Believe it or not, most women can have a home birth. I know the idea can be scary, but i encourage you to look into it. You never know until you try and what you gain is amazing.

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