California Adventures: Glendale

One I’m the things I hate most about California is driving – the freeways are crazy and filled with reckless, speeding drivers. Add a baby into the car and I become a mess behind the wheel. So when Damon got transferred, I was adamant that our new place be close to activities for us to enjoy without a lot of driving.

Where we ended up met a lot of those requirements – downtown Glendale!

Why? We are within walking distance to a variety of stores and restaurants – including: the Americana, Glendale Galleria, Goodwill, Chipotle, Burger King, and much more. I am going to miss being so close to a variety of  restautants (sushi, italian, Mexicans…). At home, most restaurants are chain restaurants that don’t offer a lot of variety. 

Walking distance to fun playgrounds for mini-man to enjoy.

We are also within close distance to stores and play areas to enjoy as a family.

As much as I am thrilled to be going home, I will miss Glendale.

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