California Adventures: Food!

I am a huge foodie. Something I only discovered when I got to college and love spending time eating and/or making amazing food. In fact, when I was very annoyed when I was pregnant because my body only wanted healthy food. Any good with spice or variety made me ill.

So when I found out we were moving to Glendale I was thrilled. In Orlando, we have good food but it’s mainly large, chain restaurants. California is home to a wide variety of food and restaurants.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Porto’s Barkery (and dangerous since it was within walking distance)
  • Frida’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Sushi on Brand
  •  Trattori Amici
  • Everest Burger
  • Too many fast food restaurants within walking distance
  • See’s

I’ll really miss all these amazing culinary experiences. 

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