Why Aren’t You Sailing????


This is a great question. Before we had kids, Damon and I loved to go sailing. There is nothing quite like getting out on the water with the breeze flowing and the tranquility of the water.


However, things start to change when you have kids. While we love the adventure aspect of sailing, there is an impracticality to sailing with such young children. Part of what appeals to us most with sailing is the travel; the ability to see the world as a family. But as we experienced on our first sailing trip with mini-man, one person is sailing and managing the boat, while the other is taking care of the baby. This results is more time apart than together. This is something we’ve seen from other families who sail with small children.

road trip map

So what do we do? A family with two kids under three who want to travel and see the world together? We take the show on the road!

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