We’re Hittin’ the Road


After weeks and weeks of planning, organizing, purging, and moving, we are finally ready to hit the road! To give ourselves some practice driving the suburban and the RV, we decided to do a few stops in Florida first (and we get in some beach time before it gets too cold).

  • Fort De Soto: We’ve heard that this is one of the most beautiful beaches that no one has heard about
  • Terra Ciea, Florida: Just 30 minutes from Fort de Soto, this is another great place for the beach.
  • Winter Garden RV Resort: We are coming back to Winter Garden to finalize some business (plus see Disney on Ice!).

From there, our goal is to get to Vermont by mid-October to experience the fall colors. I’ve been told that fall in New England is one of the most beautiful experiences that one can have. With that goal in mind, here’s our itinerary for the next 10 weeks:

  • Ormond Beach: Tomoka Park is a state park near Daytona that has some amazing beaches.
  • Hunting Island: A beautiful beach located near Hilton Head, we chose this place for it’s proximity to Savannah, GA.
  • Newport: Another coastal stop in North Carolina, we chose this spot because we love the beach 🙂
  • Williamsburg: This historic town in Virginia was talked about in many history classes that I’ve taken over the years, but never actually been.
  • Washington DC: In addition to being the nations capital, DC is home to many amazing museums to take the kids to
  • New York City: this girl needs a proper bagel ;p 
  • Boston: Damon grew up near Boston and it’s become one of our favorite places to visit.
  • Vermont: We don’t have an exact location in Vermont just yet, but we are very excited to take in the scenery!

We plan to stay in Vermont for a week or so to recoup from our ambitious trip and then start heading back South before it gets too cold (you can’t keep Floridians in the cold for too long :p)

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