No Wandering in Williamsburg

Since we were having issues with the RV, we decided to leave as quickly as possible to give us lots of time in Williamsburg to try and get the RV fixed.

By 2:00, we managed to get a part we thought we needed and get set up (a first for us). It was nice outside, so I played with the kids while Damon took a shot at repairing the RV (no such luck). 

The next day we met one of our neighbors, The McLain family – mom, dad, and three boys. We clicked instantly. Like us, the are a full-time RV family from North Carolina. We started sharing stories about our adventures and lessons learned. It was wonderful meeting another family doing what we’re doing. Their elder two boys loved helping Damon with RV stuff, and their youngest loved being with mini-man (mini-man, not so much – he’s still really shy). 

The next few days were spent trying to fix the RV and catching up on sleep 😴. This meant that we didn’t see anything in Williamsburg 🙁 but we did get to enjoy the campground. 

And, unfortunately, we had no luck in repairing the RV. Turns out all the RV repair people are get busy preparing other RVs for winter travel (snowbird?) and the one guy who needs said he’d come never showed (for two days in a row 😤) . 

So we left Williamsburg with the kitchen slide still broken. Hopefully we’ll have better luck in Washington DC.

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