Wishful Thinking in Washington DC

So Long Williamsburg

As we left Williamsburg, I was really looking forward to our next stop – Washington DC. I’d reseached some great places to take the kids and was really excited to show them around. But you know the old saying, ‘GOD laughs while you make plans’.

Hello Washington DC

We arrived early in the afternoon at Cherry Hill Park, which is becoming a great habit, and spent afternoon cleaning and organizing. We wanted to get as many projects done as possible so we could explore the next day.

Not happy riding the subway

We started out early the next day into DC. One reason I chose this campsite was it’s proximity to the subway – a 5 minute drive! 

Watching the train go by

However, our troubles started here. Mini-man did not want to ride. I had to hold him ’til the doors closed, and even then, he tried to leave. Eventually, I convinced him to sit in my lap, but he tried to leave at every stop (10 stops!).

Mini-man and a very friendly squirrel

Once we got into the city, both kids stayed in their strollers and we headed to the Air and Space Museum ( I’d read it was a great place for toddlers). Here’s where we run into our next problem – it was hot and very crowded.

The Washington Monument (my only pic of any DC buildings)

Once we got to the museum we were grateful for the AC, but I think everyone was visiting the museum. And now another problem  – the so-called “kids area” was made for olders kids, not toddlers, despite what we were told. Mini-man couldn’t reach anything, and he’s tall for his age, which meant he wasn’t interested in anything. Instead, he sat on the floor and colored. Yup, traveled all the way into the city so he could color on the floor.

Pit stop in the National Mall

So we decided to get some lunch and regroup. Unfortunately this was our next problem – the museum closed the food court for maintenance ( brilliant idea for a busy weekend) and all food areas around were closed (apparently this is common for anything close to the city – only open on weekdays 🙄).

This squirrel had no fear and came right up to us

Luckily, we found a McDonald’s close by. At this point, I’m hot and tired, the kids were close to naps, and none of us were having fun. Instead of pushing around two tired kids on a hot day, we changed our plans and went back to the RV park.

The ride back was better, as long as mini-man stayed in my lap

Best. decision. ever. Mini-man willingly got on the subway this time and even liked it a little (as long as he was in my lap). Just before we got to our stop, both kids were asleep 😴

Awesome pool 😎

After we all had naps, we headed to the pool. Thus far, this place had the best kids pool – it had areas ranging from 0ft to 3ft, perfect for the kids. Once mini-man got in, he played for hours. An amazing way to end the day.

Trying to fix the kitchen slide

Monday, we actually got someone to come to the RV! So we quickly ran some errands (I finally have my glasses back!), and made it back to find the repair guy already at work.  We have an ever growing list of things to fix, but he recommended that we just fix the kitchen slide and try to get into a shop soon to fix everything else.

Turns out that our slide wasn’t working because of the melted wires from a while ago. The computer that runs the slide works but the wire that supplied it’s power was completely melted. So it looks like we need to get the RV rewired soon. 

The good news, is with some creative tinkering, we were able to get the kitchen slide working! I was thrilled to be able to clean out the fridge, finally. It’s been on-and-off for so long, that everything inside went bad and started growing mold (I swear I washed my hands 10 times afterwards).

As we were finishing, mini-man found the swimming stuff and wanted to head to the pool 😆

Once we got to the pool, mini-man tried to go straight into the pool, before we put his swim stuff on him 🤣. As soon as he was dressed, he was in the pool.

We stayed for a few hours, until mini-man was ready to leave. This is the last stop for a while that will have an open pool and we wanted him to enjoy it.

Time to go

Sadly, it was our last night and we had to start packing up. We’ve discovered the more we put away the night before, the faster we can leave in the morning. 

I loved this RV park and I plan to bring the kids back when they are older and can appreciate Washington DC.

Next Stop – the Big Apple!

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