New Adventure in New York

So long DC

As we left Washington DC, we headed to our next stop, Beaver Pond Campground, in Stony Point, ​NY, about 30 minutes outside of NYC. 

The car ride was taxing, to say the least – I got car sick for the first time and needed to make several bathroom stops. This made the trip longer, which the kids did not like. By the time we got to the campground, three of the four of us were crying and I was one of them.

First time boondocking

To add to things, this small campground held our biggest adventure to date – boondocking. Boondocking is when you camp in a place with no water, electrical, or sewer hook-ups. We can use our generator, but only during certain parts of the day.

He loves tummy time

At this point, I was hot, sleep deprived, and faced with spending the night in an RV with no AC and two tired kids. 

Hanging out outside where it was much cooler

While Damon finished setting up, I was on my phone looking for other places to stay. I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to work. However, Damon and I talked, and agreed to give it a chance. 

Man make fire 😝

We had dinner outside, which was much cooler than inside the trailer, when two deer came into our site! Don’t experience that in the Orlando suburbs. 

Unfortunately, it was a long night for all of us as both kids got colds from the chill, damp weather that came in after the sun went down. 

At least I got a NY bagel!

So we spent most of the day trying to get the kids to nap and feel better (which is hard to do when it gets hot and there’s no AC – and, yes, I know I wouldn’t survive in ye olde times, and I’m ok with that).

Luckily, we had some errands to run, which got us out of the hot trailer and into an air conditioned car (fingers crossed ​that this is the last of the house paperwork).

Oh, Deer!

Once we got back, we decided to start packing. While we had one more day left at this site, we realized that our next stop, Cape Cod, was a five hour drive (which usually means seven or eight hours for us). So to make life easier, we’re going to stop halfway for a night and do the other half in Friday. 

Daddy deer

And man, am I glad we did this. Between little-dudes cold and the heat, I got no sleep (again). Longer car rides are much harder when I’m sleep-deprived and I don’t want to deal with the kids. 

All-in-all, Beaver Pond was beautiful and very tranquil. For $15 a night it’s a steal. If you can survive without power, it’s a great place to stay. I’m not sure I’d do it again with young kids anytime soon. Maybe when they’re older.

Later NY

Hopefully they’ll sleep during the short drive to Stonington, Connecticut (home to Mystic Pizza and our 8th state!). 

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