Hittin’ the Road – Part Duex

So now that we’ve made it to Vermont, it’s time to head back south. While we are lovin’ this cooler, more fall-like weather, this Florida family isn’t quite ready to campout in the snow.

We learned a lot from this first trip. W think we were too ambitious – trying to drive large distances and having short stays, wore us out and limited the boys. With that in mind, here is where we are headed next:

  • Syracuse, NY: to see more fall colors
  • Niagara Falls, NY: to visit the famous falls
  • Pittsburgh, PA: Damon went to college here and wants to show us around
  • Columbus, OH: Stop over in our way to Louisville
  • Louisville, KY: Staying in an old site with live actors recreating the 1800’s!
  • Aurora, KY: Stop over
  • Little Rock, AR: we’ve read that this place is gorgeous
  • Hernando, MS: wanted to have a stop in Mississippi
  • Jefferson, TX: first of several stops in Texas – it’s a big state
  • Wacco, TX: stop 2 and may, or may not, want to see the Fixer Upper town for ourselves
  • San Antonio, TX: Home of the Alamo, this is our last stop for a while so we can get the RV looked at.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for these places. We’d love to know of some fun places to visit.

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