Very Happy in Vermont – II

It’s always nice to have time to get projects done at the beginning of a trip. It frees up other days to just go exploring with the kids.

All Aboard!

One such outing was a train trip through Green Mountain in the Green Mountain Railroad. This two hours round-trip train takes passengers through some of Vermont’s famous colorful foliage. I was worried that mini-man might not like the train (like in Washington DC), so I made sure he had a lot for breakfast and brought lots of snacks (plus an iPad).

Train time fun

He did good until it was time to board, when he got scared and didnt want to board. So I picked him up and carried him aboard. Luckily, this train had tables and chairs to sit at, which made it more comforting to mini-man. Once we sat, he climbed into my lap and calmed down.

Vermont lives up to its beauty (and apparently it’s usually more vibrant)

The train trip itself was very enjoyable and beautiful. I wish the colors on the trees had been more vibrant, but that’s mother nature’s fault, not the trains. Definitely need to return another year to see the more vibrant colors.

7 years, no itch ❤️❤️❤️

This train ride also marked our seventh wedding anniversary. Try as we might, each year gets more and more adventurous and exciting. Who knows what’s in store over this next year, but I can’t wait to find out 😍

If an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, how many days will 20lbs get us 😝

The next day, we took the boys to a real apple farm, Wellwood Orchards, to pick some apples. Mini-man LOVES apples and I thought he’d enjoy picking his own. However, he preferred to stay in the stroller eating the apples that Damon and I picked 😝.

Simply beautiful

Meanwhile, Damon and I had fun picking apples and enjoying the scenery. We even discovered a new type of apple that was delicious – empire.

I think mini-man ate 5 apples before we left

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a few more Vermont staples – maple syrup, maple candy, and a pumpkin! All-in-all, a really fun outing and we now have 20lbs of apples (that should last mini-man a few days).

Today is our last day, so we’re finishing some last minute projects to prep us for the next leg of our journey. Next stop – Syracuse, NY!

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