Serenity in Syracuse

Love this guy!

An important lesson we’ve learned along the way – no projects on short stays. Anytime we try, we end up overwhelmed and stressed.

Gorgeous stay at Tree Farm Campground in Vermont

This helped make our stay in Syracuse wonderful. After a fun week in Vermont, we got a lot accomplished, so we were able to just relax and enjoy Treasure Isle RV Resort, in upper state New York. 

Welcome to Syracuse

The site is family run and they are very friendly. The father-in-law escorted us to our site and helped Damon back into the site. 

Water front view

The site itself was in the water and very serene. We enjoyed relaxing outside and looking at the water. One HUGE downside was all the bugs! I’m means, lots of bugs. Spiders, flies, and some red bugs I don’t know of, we’re all over our trailer. If anyone has any tips on how to keep bugs out of the trailer, I’m all ears! 

We spent our only day at the site enjoying the newly built playground with the kids. By far this is the nicest playground we’ve encountered. Mini-man loved climbing and playing on it. Little-dude is a little young for the playground, so he hung out with me. 

Perfect evening for a fire

We finished our stay grilling hamburgers and enjoying the sunset. It was a great place to relax. 

Now onto Niagara Falls! I’m really excited to visit the famous falls 🤣

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