Pretty Pittsburgh – Part I

When we break stuff, we do it well

Our journey to Pittsburgh got off to a rocky start. Our campsite at Fourmile Creek was very soft, which made it hard to hookup the trailer to the  car. So Damon only hooked up partway and moved us to the street to finish. But as we were about to leave, we forgot to raise our brand new electric jack and bent it. In fact, we bent it so far that we couldn’t remove it from the trailer. 

Pulled over for a break from driving. Nice to have your house with you to take break in

Fortunately, Damon was able to raise it enough so we could travel safely. A nice part of our Pittsburgh stop is we’re here for a week, so we have time to order a new jack, plus some other things, from Amazon and get them before we leave. (Gotta love Prime and free two-day shipping).

What a greeting!

Thanks to these mishaps, we arrived at Mountain Top Campground just before sunset, which turned out to be a blessing because we were greeted with this view and sunset 😍. 

Lots to do!

We had a long list of things to do in Pittsburgh, so we started the next day in full speed and didn’t stop for the whole week. Check out Pretty Pittsburgh – Part II to see what we did 😊

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