Pretty Pittsburgh – Part II

School of Arts – where Damon spent most if his college days

After a rough ride to Mountain Top Campground, we were really excited to go exploring. First stop – Carnegie Mellon.

Beautiful campus

Damon was very excited to show us his Alma Matter. And I can see why, the campus is beautiful. I could imagine waking around or studying on the lawn. What was strange to me was how small the campus was.

The student returns 16 years later

I went to UCF, a state school in Central Florida, which is one of the largest in the nation. I’m used to huge classrooms, parking garages, and lots of amenities close by. In contrast, Carnegie Mellon is in the middle of a busy city area, mostly street parking, and had few amenities close by. I saw no fast food restaurants close, whereas UCF had several.

The buildings were amazing

I thoroughly enjoyed waking around the campus, seeing where Damon spent his college years. It was amazing to see such gorgeous architecture and feel a bit jealous that he got to go to school there.  

We stopped for lunch at Essie’s Original Hot Dog Spot, a local restaurant famous for it’s hot dogs and ‘O’ fries. They were so good that little-dude decided he had to try some of mine 😄

Future architect??

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. While staying in small towns for a few weeks is peaceful, it means it’s hard to find somethings we needed, like a mattress, Costco for diapers, and places to get some new clothes for me. 

It was so great to stock up on grocery items, and even find my mattress. All-in-all, a very productive day. See what happened next during our stay in Pretty Pittsburgh – Part III.

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