My Old Kentucky Home

Our beautiful campsite

The next stop in our journey was in Bardsville, Kentucky – home of Stephen Foster. Our campsite was named after one of his songs – My Old Kentucky Home. A cute state park that’s been around since the 1700’s! 

Too cold for this girl!

No big adventure this time – it was too cold! We tried a couple times to take mini-man to a playground but he preferred to stay inside, where it was warm (just like his mama 😍).

Some family fun in the trailer

So for three days, we pulled out every toy in the car and trailer and just made a huge mess (something Damon didn’t like).

New games!!!

We even splurged and got some new toys for ourselves.

Time to go

It was nice to spend some time just enjoying each other and the trailer. Now onto Kenlake, Kentucky.

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