Wet Times in Kentucky

Hard to get into but well worth it

Damon’s driving skills were out to the test with our stop at Kenlake State Park. He had to go backwards, down a hill, on a narrowly paved road, and try to turn. Very daunting to say the least. 

A visitor! My first time seeing a ground hog in person

Fortunately, our neighbor was happy to come over and give a hand. After a few attempts, he offered to park it for us and Damon accepted. While he probably could’ve done it after a few tries, we we’re losing light and wanted to get set up. 

And let me tell you, it was worth the effort – check out that view! 

Good food and a peaceful meal😍😍😍

It’d been a while since we don’t gone grocery shopping, so we set up quick and left. After a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel, a place I hadn’t eaten at in 12 years, we got our grocery shopping done.

Lots of time inside means playing with all the toys and getting a little creative

We spent the next few days inside, staying dry from some crazy storms that hit. This is after we spent several days inside at our previous stop because it was  cold. Unfortunately, while this gave us some time to get some projects done, we all got a little cabin fever. And to make matters worse, the storms made it hard for the kids to sleep, which, in turn, gave us very little sleep.

So on Thursday, we got a break in the rain  and we headed out on a small adventure. Our neighbors told us about a nearby prairie, home to Elk and Bison! For just $5, you can drive around a loop,  through a field, and observe these animals. 

We saw a bison and an elk!

Although it was cold and overcast, we still got to see an elk and a bison, as well as seeing some beautiful scenery. It was a wonderful trip, and we never had to leave the car! (Parents of young kids know what I mean 😝).

I am really looking forward to getting to the warmth of San Antonio. But for now, Mississippi will have to do. Onward!

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