A Fond Farewell to our Felines

Us with the cats when we got engaged

It is with a heavy heart that Damon and I have decided to re-home our beloved cats, Kizzy and Cloud.

Cloud exhausted after a day on the road

Since welcoming them into our family 9 years ago, they’ve traveled with us to California, twice, several homes, and a cross country road trip. Through it all, they’ve been troopers.

Kizzy longing to be outside

Unfortunately, our latest adventure seems to be too much for them – they’re unhappy. At first, we hoped that they’d adjust. Instead, things are getting worse.

So. Much. Laundry.

After arriving at each new stop, we’d go somewhere and come back to the strong scent of cat urine. We spent days, doing load after load of laundry; we couldnt leave any piece of fabric on the floor or else it would be peed on. 

Attempting to walk Cloud outside on a harness and leash

Despite the stress, we were trying to make it work. We spent more time with them, set up a leash system so they could go outside, even gave them a specific blanket to pee on – nothing worked.

Lots of love

Damon and I now feel it would be best for them if they had a new home, where they can go outside when they like and have a permanent homestead. 

Little-dude adored the cats, but the feeling wasnt mutual

This is not an easy decision for us. We’ve been through a lot together. But we love them too much to force them to live somewhere they aren’t happy.
Fortunately, my parents have agreed to take them in. There, the cats can run around in the warm sunshine, and, as an added bonus, be reunited with their sister and mother.

Farewell babies. We hope you’ll be happier back in Orlando

While we’re sad to see them go, we’re pleased they’re going somewhere where they’ll be happy.

At their new home, reunited with their sister.

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