Mosquitos in Mississippi

Hernando Point, Mississippi 

After a long drive, we happily arrived at our campsite in Mississippi. Unfortunately, Damon put in the wrong address and we ended up on the opposite side of the lake from where our campsite was (at least we were in the same vicinity). 

Beautiful sunset

Although I wasn’t thrilled at another 45 minutes in the car, I was happy to see that our actual campsite had better cell service than the other site. Plus, we got to see this amazing view.

Enjoying the campsite while Damon setup the RV

Our first night was lovely – beautiful scenery, nice weather – all signs suggesting a promising visit.

Refuge at a local hotel

However, 24 hours later, we found ourselves hightailing it to a nearby hotel.  

Just a small sample of thr thousands of mosquitos that were in the trailer. (I only snapped one pic as I ran out the door)

Being that were in Mississippi, it gets a little humid. So, Damon opened a window to let in some of the breeze. As the sun started to set, we noticed some mosquitos. Unfortunately, Damon had forgotten to close the window. When he went into the back room to shut it, he was met by a swarm of mosquitos. 

Not one to stick around, especially with kids, we fled to the car. Outside, it was even worse. The mosquitos covered the campsite and we’re even in our car! We had to drive with the windows down to try and get them out.

Little-dude loved the mirror in thr hotel room

As we drove, we formulated a plan to get a hotel room for the night and setup but zappers in the RV in hopes they would eradicate these annoying bugs.

Mosquitos covered the ceiling in the bedroom. It was eerie to hear the buzzing

When Damon returned the next day, the zappers had gotten a lot of the bugs, but not all of them. We grabbed some things and decided to stay another night at the hotel.
So lesson learned, while in the south on a lake – DON’T. OPEN. YOUR. WINDOWS!

After two days, and lots of cleaning, it was finally safe for us to go back. Just in time, too. 

Saying goodbye to our furbabies

My parents graciously agreed to take care of our cats while we continue our adventure and even drove up to get them. We spent the day catching up and getting the cats ready for their trip.

Family fun time

We had planned to visit Memphis, but after several days of driving, stress, and activities, we welcomed a day of relaxing with the boys.

Time to hit the road

Now onto Arkansas! 

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