Little To Do in Little Rock

Our campsite near Little Rock

One would think that staying at a campground near the capitol city of Arkansas would give you lots of things to do. Ya, not so much with Little Rock. Unless your a huge fan of the Clinton’s (not really a must see when you have toddlers), then there isn’t a lot to do. 

Lots of playing

We spent much of our five days playing with the kids in the trailer. We took the kids a could of times to the playground, but, unfortunately, it was either really cold out or completely over run with kids. 

Trying yo enjoy the campground

The worst part for me was the day before we left the campground decided to fix all their roads. Tar has a very strong smell and is a trigger for my migraines. Despite our best efforts to get out of the campground before it got too bad, I did get a migraine and it’s lasted for days (I still have it 3 days later, along with fatigue and nausea). Would it really have been so hard for the camp host to say ‘Hey were retarring the roads’, so we could make alternate plans????? Or even better, close off each section and not have campers there while they retar. 

Beautiful place to stay

Either way, we weren’t told. After more than a dozen campsites, we’ve only encountered a handful of nice hosts (or even met them) and only ONE was at a government site. All the others never appear. 

The place where the city got it’s name

On a positive note, we did escape to a pretty riverfront area in Little Rock, called Julius Breckling River Front Park, home to THE little rock that inspired the cities name. 

Having some fun at the playgrounds

We walked around a bit and played with the kids on their playgrounds. I have to say, they went overboard with the ‘little rock’ theming (so many little rocks).


So as you can see, not an eventful stop. And, to be honest, I’m not looking forward to the next two stops as they are in smaller towns than Little Rock. Can’t wait to get to San Antonio!!!

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