Texas Stop #1 – Avinger

I came into this stop less than enthusiastic. Another campground, on  a lake, with nothing to do nearby. 

Damon entertained the boys so I could rest

Added to the fact that I’ve had a lingering migraine for several days plus being forced inside many evenings due to more bugs, and I was starting to get antsy. 

Really fun playground

When we could get outside, we got to take the kids to the awesome playground that’s at the campground – which was covered in ants (mini-man is now covered in blisters from their bites). 

I love my boys

Then add in some other little things that were bugging me (no pun intended) and it resulted  in me being in a pretty bad mood.

I was walking to the restrooms when I saw the sunsetting. I ran to get my camera to take these shots. Damon followed and we got to experience this beauty together

A turning point for me was witnessing this gorgeous sunset on the water. It made me realize I was going through the motions the past few stops and was missing out on some amazing sites. One of the points of going on this adventure was to get out.

Nothing like a cozy fire at sunset

My second turning point came in our final night. It was perfect outside and we set up a cozy spot by the fire and view of the lake. This was why we did this – to be together, enjoying the great outdoors. 

Feeding little-dude while enjoying the great outdoors

This final night led me to one of my epiphanies (I get them once in a while – kinda like a clarity of vision). I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t feel like myself. With two kids, it’s very easy to push yourself to the bottom of your to-do list and I felt neglected. I felt like life was happening to me and I wanted control back.

Fun can be had outside

After talking with Damon, we outlined some goals to help reroute me to a better place. As I realized that final night, I can be a mom and enjoy myself. I’ve just got to learn to let the small things go. Who cares if everything isn’t perfect? It’s more important to be with each other.

Love being together (at least Damon and I do – I think mini-man could do without little-dude 😝)

Fingers crossed we’re on the road to happier times. Onward! 

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