Texas Stop #2 – First Night in Corsicana

We seemed to get the one campsite on a steep incline. Luckily, Damon’s a great driver

After an uneventful trip, we arrived at our campsite Oak Navarro Mills Lake, in the small town of Corsicana, named after the island of Corsica. 

Hangin’ out with Little-dude

We had an interesting time getting into our site, as the driveway was steeper than the length of our trailer which caused some scrapping and resulted in the trailer almost getting stuck. Luckily, Damins pretty smart and quickly solved the problem by disconnecting the hitch and backing the trailer in from a different angle. Success!

Things always go faster with a toddler 😝

In the meantime, the boys were enjoying playing in the piles and piles of leaves. Of course, once Damon started working on the RV, mini-man started to “help”.

Both boys enjoyed the playground

Of course, any day that goes smoothly inevitably invites some drama. After we set up the trailer, we took the kids to the playground, which happened to be by the lake. About an hour into playing, I noticed that the sun was setting and was creating a beautiful scene. I grabbed my camera and walked closer to the water.

Gorgeous sunset

Damon and the kids followed as I started getting some amazing shots. Inspired, Damon ran to grab his drone so he could get some aerial footage. By the time he got back, we had about 15 minutes until sunset.

Damon flying the drone without a phone

Usually, Damon can get the drone out and flying within minutes. Our drone flies with a remote that you attach your smartphone to, which gives you a live feed and controls. However, he recently got a new phone and it needed a massive update in order to to get the drone software to work. Worried that he’d lose the sunset, I suggested he try to fly the drone without the phone.

Me and little-dude ❤️

In our haste to get the drone in the air, some of the settings weren’t set perfectly. Within 30 seconds of the drone taking off, Damon knew there was a problem.  He couldn’t see where it had gone, so he hit the ‘home’ button to get the drone to come back. Some how the drone freaked out and became stuck, hovering over the water.

You can see the drone hovering over the water, close to the bird

Panic set in. How were we going to get our drone back. Not knowing what else to do, we decided to download the app to my phone. What could we lose?

Damon trying to find the drone

As soon as the phone was hooked up to the remote, something clicked. We don’t know why, but it seems that attaching my phone reset the drone somehow and we were able to fly it home.

We got some great pictures

So important lesson, here kids: Don’t Fly the $1,000 Drone Without the Smartphone. And, don’t freak out when things are going south – breath, relax and the issues become easier to handle.

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