Texas Stop #2 – Exploring Corsicana

Sand is awesome

Thanks to the boys, we woke up the next day at 5a. After some breakfast and playtime, we decided to take them to the playground.

Waking up early is exhausting

That worked for about 5 minutes. Almost instantly, little-dude fell asleep and mini-man followed suit a few minutes later.


After their naps, we all needed food and some adventure, so we headed into downtown Corsicana. After dropping off our laundry (State campgrounds are nice but most don’t have laundry), we decided to walk around. 

Cute town of Corsicana

The city is too cute. We enjoyed seeing all the historic buildings and learning about the town through statues placed around the town. 

Cart full of kids

Once our laundry was done, we picked up some groceries, and went back to the RV for dinner. A well-balanced day of adventure, family time, and a few projects. Lesson learned – you don’t have to go big to have an adventure

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