San Antonio – Week 2, Part II

The boys helping Damon put up Christmas decorations

By Monday, it was hard to believe that so much had happened during our short time in San Antonio – the RiverWalk, SeaWorld, rental houses – and yet, we somehow managed to make things even more interesting

Were movin’ on up!

Monday: we spent the morning doing research for the next leg of our journey and came to a big decision that we’ll tell you about very soon.

Pool time!

By the afternoon, we realized that we owed the boys some fun, and seeing as it was the last warm day for a while, we took them to the pool (mini-man’s favorite activity)

Me and my sous chef

Tuesday: After all of our activities, our RV was starting to looking like a tornado hit it (or an unsupervised toddler), so we spent the majority of the day cleaning and organizing – and man, do I feel so much better!

So you can eat and play at the same time

Wednesday: after a long night with a sick, teething baby, I became a home body trying to catch up on sleep and help little-dude feel better.

Have you seen my corn bread?

What a way to end the week.

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