San Antonio – Visiting the Alamo

Family picture

Growing up I’ve heard a great deal about the Alamo (Davy Crockett, anyone?). So coming into San Antonio, I was intrigued to see the battle site. Unfortunately, it’s reputation did not live up to it’s reality.

The Alamo

While we were staying in a nearby rental house, we took the opportunity to explore the RiverWalk area of San Antonio. Little did we know that we’d been walking by the Alamo for days and didn’t know it. Seriously, your walking down a tourist strip mall and see an old structure, only to realize when you get closer that it’s the Alamo.

Gorgeous tree that was planted here decades after the war. Has no connection to the battle

The only structure still standing from the battle is actually an old, incomplete church that was used as a fort by the military. That part was neat – I sadly have no pictures of the inside because, for some reason no one would give us, you can’t take pictures of the inside (maybe they’re afraid no one will visit if people photographed the inside). 

Cool cactus. No relation to the battle, either

Outside the church/fort is a beautiful garden filled with trees either not from the battle or are dedicated to the memory of those who fought. 

A building built to look like it came from the Alamo time period

On the other side it a small museum, filled with artifacts that belonged to people who possibly knew people who taught in the battle or items that came from San Antonio during the 1800s but had nothing to do with the battle. And, again, no pictures of the inside. 

Pretty much sums up our trip to the Alamo

Overall, it’s a pretty place to visit but not worth more than a couple of minutes of your time. 

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