San Antonio – Week 3, Part I

Ready to go outside

We started our third week with each of us in various stages of illness. Guess that’s what happens when you go full speed for two weeks 😆

Beautiful day and I’m sick 😞

Thursday: Since we were all sick, and it was rainy and cold outside, we decided to stay in and take it easy. 

Our tree looks festive in the snow

After putting the kids to bed, we experienced a wonderful surprise – snow! 

It’s snowing!!!

I threw on a jacket and ran outside with Damon and my camera. I’m a California/Florida girl, so experiencing snow for me usually involved a car trip. 

Well that didn’t last long

Friday: by the morning the snow had started to melt. At least we had it for a while. 

Ready to roll

Since we were all still sick, we took things slow but still ventured out for lunch and some errands. 

Needed to get out of the trailer

Sunday/Monday: All sick, so we spent our time recovering. Kinda nice to slow down but starting to get antsy. We were ready to jump on something that we’d been working on. 

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