San Antonio – Week 3, Part II

As we headed into the middle of the week, we were all starting to feel better. During our illness, Damon and I started something exciting.

Our new ride!

Tuesday: After some research, we found a new RV! A Thor Challenger 37KT. Unlike our travel trailer, this is a class A, which allows us to travel much more comfortably and has much better storage. 

I like it!

Excited to be feeling better, we jumped in the car and drove four hours in a small rental car to pick her up. It was a lot of work to to get her, but we did it.

Playing with the grandparents

Wednesday: Moving is always a challenge. Add in two kids and a short timeline and it moves to a whole new level. To make things easier, we invited Damon’s parents to visit us and help us move.

The RiverWalk is beautiful during the holidays

We met up with them at the San Antonio RiverWalk for som food and discuss what we planned to do the next day.

So even when we’re sick, we don’t slow down. Now we gotta move.

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