San Antonio – Wrapping Things Up

Dinner with Damon’s parents

Once Phil and Sue left, our time in San Antonio flew by – there was so much we had to get done before we continued our trip. Here’s some of the things we did:

I think he likes the new setup
  • Cleaned the RV
Bye bye Suburban
  • Sold the Suburban
Cleanings a lot harder with kids
  • Organized the trailer
Mini-man was not happy he had to share with little-dude
  • Lots of shopping for supplies!
All ready for Christmas
    • Decorated the RV for Christmas
    Getting in some last minute Christmas lights
      • Visited Elf Acres for their lights
      Rare picture of my boys together
      • Rang in 2018 with a New Year’s Day tradition – watching the Rose Parade

      And all of this had to get done while taking care of an active toddler and a teething baby.

      Gotta swim when you can

      But, it wasn’t all work – we took time to enjoy ourselves, which is a big part of why we are doing things.

      Not feeling well

      By the end of the week, I’d barely gotten any sleep and my headaches we’re getting pretty bad. Unfortunately, for me, we were running out of time and needed to get these things done so we could move on. Just one of the few downfalls of full-time RVing with little kids. 

      Enjoying the RV ❤️

      Hopefully, all of our hard work and new RV will all be worth it in the end and it’ll be the start of a great next leg. Where are we going? Stay tuned!

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