Rough Ride Near the Rio Grande

“Roughing” it in the desert

After a long car ride, we woke up at the Seminole Canyon State Park refreshed and happy to be back on the road. This park is very close to the Rio Grande and offers many trails down to the river. Since it was the first real nice day we’d seen in a while, and the last warm one we’d see for some time, we decided to get out.

The bike ride that didn’t go quite as planned

For the first time in months, we broke out the bikes and decided to explore the campground. We learned pretty quickly that the so-called ‘bike trails’ that led to the Rio Grande were basically rock covered dirt paths – not suitable for kids. We met another biker along the way who told us that the path was hard and he walked a lot of it.

Checking out the Welcome Center

Instead of trudging forward, we decided to go explore other, paved, areas of the park.

The boys love getting outside

By the time we got back to the afternoon, we were ready to relax. Since it was so nice out, we set up camp outside. It was amazing to spend time outside again! I loved seeing mini-man feel comfortable to walk around and explore a bit on his own ❤️

The next few days were spent inside as the weather went crazy! Temps dipped into the 30’s and the winds reached 70mph!! I’ll admit, I was soooooo glad that we were in the new RV. I remember high winds in our travel trailer, and it wasn’t fun. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like in this weather.


Unfortunately, our week started to slide south. Damon got really sick and ended up going to the ER with food poisoning 😞. And this was a day before we were supposed to leave. But we regrouped and decided to stay a few more days to let him recuperate.


Turned into a great decision, as both the boys and myself got sick. I guess the family that gets sick together, stays together.

Family time

By Thursday we were well enough to continue on. And not a moment too soon. It can be a bit much when it’s cold, your sick, and there’s NOTHING nearby for 40 miles! Can’t wait for all of us to get better so we can start enjoying our adventure again.

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