Leaving the Lone Star State

inswipe_3_1515966961419 1400471157..jpg
Welcome to the border of Mexico

Even though Damon and I’d been sick for a few days, I was more than ready to get on the road. Seminole Canyon State Park was a beautiful park, but being 40 miles away from everything starts to wear on you (I’ve also started to have an all new respect for Walmart’s).

All he wanted to do was sleep on me

Unfortunately, I was up most of the night trying to keep little-dude asleep, so I was exhausted. Instead of delaying another day, Damon took little-dude so I could get a few hours of sleep. Around 9:00, I was ok enough to get on the road.

you know he doesn’t feel good when he wants to be held in the store

About half-way to our destination, mini-man got sick. Trying to take care of a sick toddler and a baby while I was sick and exhausted was definitely trying. And, oh ya, we were driving too

mini-man loves his bean bag

We arrived at our destination, Lajitas RV Resort, ready to just collapse. We had to the choice to stay one night or two – I opted for two. Man, was that the right decision.


After another long night, we spent the morning lounging and napping. At this point, we’d spent close to a week cooped up in side the RV. Despite not feeling great, we needed to get out.

The mayor was very nice. I can see why he was elected

Luckily, it was beautiful outside, so we decided to go for a walk. Just down the street from our resort was the home of the local mayor, Henry Clay. So we got out the wagon and went for a short walk to visit him.

Lunch on the porch of the General Store

After visiting with the mayor, we visited the general store next door to grab some lunch. It was really great to be out and enjoying the atmosphere.

It it had water, mini-man wants to be in it

Came back and attempted to give little-dude a bath after he had crawled through a lot of dust and started to look a little like pig pen. Sadly, he didn’t feel well, so a bath really didn’t sit well with him. Luckily, mini-man, the lover of all things water, was more than happy to use the bath water. Damon placed the bathtub outside and he proceeded to have a blast with the water.

This is the grandfather RV to our RV!

Our next leg started late again due to continued illness – this time mini-man and little-dude were sick. This, combined with multiple stops, meant that we got into our lunch stop, in Ft. Stockton, TX, around 2:30p. Once we ate, shopped, and refueled, it was just after four. With three, of the four, of us sick, I thought it was a really bad idea to try to continue.

And, once again, the decision to take things slow wins again! A few minutes after we pulled into an RV park for the night, mini-man had an explosive diaper (that would not have been fun to deal with while driving).

After we all had some rest, I wanted to give mini-man a bath. Since we don’t have a bathtub in our RV, I purchased a collapsible mini-tub, and use it in the parks showers. It’s great because mini-man can make as big a mess as he wants and no one is bothered. Added bonus, I was able to grab a shower for myself.

After, yet another, long night, we were hoping this leg would be easier since we were less than three hours away from our destination. Ha! What we thought would be an straight, flat road turned out to be a windy, rocky road that was constantly covered in dust! The dust got so bad at one point that we could feel ourselves breathing it in. This hecticness did not help with any of our illnesses.


I was very happy to pull into our campsite in the early afternoon. Not only is it beautiful, but we are here for a week! Plus, after 10 weeks in Texas, were in a new state – New Mexico.

Fingers crossed this is enough time for all of us too finally get better. At this point, Damon and I are thinking that his doctors might have been wrong about his food poisoning diagnosis. The fact that each of us, the boys included, have gotten sick and none of us ate the same thing, leads us to believe that we probably got the stomach flu. I guess we’ll never know.

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