Seeing How the Painted Desert got it’s Name

Pecos Bill was quite a cowboy

I grew up with a Disney-loving family, so I knew of the Painted Desert thanks to the legend of Pecos Bill.

Mini-man loved the visitors center at the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest

We started at the Welcome Center, which gave a cute introduction to what existed in the park millions of years ago. Mini-man had a blast playing and looking around.

Little-dude and Damon looking at some of the Petrified Wood

Around the back of the center was a collection of Petrified wood. We tried to get mini-man to go see it but it was too windy for him. So he and I stayed in the Welcome Center while Damon and little-dude saw the trees.

Exploring some of the Petrified Forest

We drove to another part of the park to see more trees. Unfortunately, we made it a ways in when mini-man decided he wanted to go back to the car.

Mini-man prefers to site-see from his car seart

At this point, we put Curious George on in the car and let mini-man watch and eat while we drove through the rest of the park.


Luckily, there were lots of places to pull over and take pictures from the car.

I love seeing Route 66!

My favorite stop was the route marker for Route 66!!

This place was amazing! Wish you could still stay here

Our last stop was an awesome old hotel from the 1920’s that was built using petrified wood. The inside was gorgeous and offered a beautiful view of the painted desert.

The poof of hair is mini-man

I am so glad we managed to see this park. It was beautiful and I love seeing all the history the park had to offer.

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