South Beach, Oregon – Pt. 2


Our second week in South Beach was certainly interesting. We didn’t do anything big – we just tried to get through the cold, wet week as best we could on very little sleep. Little sleep usually means sluggish mommy and daddy. Add in wet weather and you get a family who goes a little stir crazy.

Sleepy snuggles

We’re currently going through a rough sleep pattern with the boys where they fall asleep late, have really rough sleep, and then wake up early. Not a lot of fun for several nights in a row.


To try and alleviate some of our stress, we went shopping with the kids (I know, but it keeps the kids entertained while we get some things we need). We decided to try a new place, called Fred Myer – a store similar to a K-mart or Walmart. Super glad we went here – I totally scored a lot of Lego Dimensions Characters and finally got the rest of the characters I was looking for. Now just to find the time to play the game.

In terms of the store, it was fine but nowhere near as efficient as Walmart and check-out was very stressful. I think we’ll stick with Walmart. We did find something fun for the boys – kinetic sand. I just like beach sand but doesn’t any mess. An awesome toy for a rainy day.

Splish splash

A few days later we picked up a water table for the boys. I loved water tables when mini-man was younger and love that we got another one. This one is big enough for both kids, has lots of things to play with, and folds up for easy storage under the RV. It’s perfect to play with outside when it’s warm. And, mini-man figured out a way to make it an indoor toy.

Thats a lot of water beads

I bought some water beads to use as a sensory toy. Mini-man found the container and dumped over 9,000 beads into the water in the table. This made the water table a fun indoor toy for the boys.

To avoid going too stir crazy, we took advantage on our aquarium pass and visited a few more times. Mini-man had a blast walking around looking at all the sishes.

I’m a big helper

And somehow, between being everything we experienced, we managed to get some projects done. At our previous stop, we started turning the dining area into a play area for the kids. Damon turned a cloth shoe rack into a toy storage unit on the wall. It holds a lot without taking up a lot of space. I love it and, more importantly, the kids love it.

Our site

At this point, it’s been over a month since we’ve been in a major city, so we are really excited for our next stop – Portland Oregon. This is our chance to stock up on some items we need (like diapers!). Plus, we’re excited to see their aquarium and children’s museum.

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