On The Road to Salt Lake City

As we begin this next leg of our trip, we’re very excited to see lots of new places. Since there was so much to see, we decided to rush out of Washington and Oregon quickly and head to Utah (plus we’d forgotten to make any reservations for the summer and found that a lot of places were booked).

Our first stop was Yakima, Washington. Our cute RV park gave us the perfect place to park for a couple of days. While there wasn’t anything we wanted to do nearby, we did have an amazing stretch of lawn on our site and plenty of warm weather – at last, we could break out all of our warm weather toys!

Damon’s favorite part was an old railroad tracks/bridge that was converted into a bike trail that led to a nearby grocery and McDonald’s. He used it both days we were there and loved it. Added bonus, we never had to unhook the car.

Our next stop took us to Baker City, Oregon, famous for it’s history of the Oregon Trail (like the actual trail and not the computer game we all loved to play in elementary school).

When we tried to venture out, we found an awesome local park with a great playground. The kids enjoyed playing but wore out quickly (probably due to the horrible night sleep from the night before).

The longer we stayed out the crankier everyone got, so we went back to the RV. Turns out, we were all happier being back home.

We stuck with the strategy for the remainder of the trip and used the time to reorganize our “garage”(the area under our RV).

Our final stop on our way to Salt Lake City was Twin Falls, Idaho, our first new state in a while (new sticker for the map!). We stayed here a bit longer to avoid the Memorial Day holiday traffic.

Of course, as soon as we parked, we hit the pool and the playground. The boys are loving the warm weather and playing outside.

The next day, we saw Shoshone Falls, a local park featuring a gorgeous waterfall. What made this different from other falls is the scenery. On one side is a beautiful mountain side. The other is a beautifully manicured lawn, perfect for a picnic or wedding (which we saw in progress).

We spent the rest of the holiday weekend enjoying the campsite – swimming and playing. An awesome way to spend the weekend.

Fun fact about this RV resort – it had cows. Yup, cows. It made for some interesting smells during our stay.

Now, were on to Utah. “Where is this U-Tah anyways” (Love my movie quotes).

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