Stop 51 – Rawlins, Wyoming

So Long, SLC

After two wonderful weeks in Salt Lake City, we hit the road to our next stop – Rawlins, Wyoming.

Very Beautiful Drive – but we ran out of cell service very quickly

We hoped to get an early start, but thanks to a late night with the kids, we didn’t leave until 10.

Scored the level packs for $10 each! They were on clearance at Walmart. Whats crazy, is they were full price at the next Walmart. 

It took us two hours to reach our lunch stop, which wasn’t even half way to our destination but it took us a while just to get up the mountain. However, this turned out to be an awesome stop as the Walmart had Lego Dimensions on sale! I was able to get seven new sets, including three new stories and two new levels!

Gorgeousness as far as the eye could see

The rest of the drive was much smoother and very beautiful. I was even able to play some of my new video game (ah joys of traveling in a Class A).

Yup – right in the middle of a cell phone dead zone

As we came into Rawlins, Wyoming, I was surprised that I had no cell service. When we planned this stop we assumed that it was a large enough city to have cell service. Turns out, our service plan has no coverage from the border of Utah/Wyoming to around the border of Wyoming/Colorado. That definitely makes like more interesting. Luckily, I have set up provisions to keep us all entertained without cell service (though it was not easy for this social media junkie).

Little-dude loves playplaces

During our only day in Rawlins, we went to explore and there wasn’t much. The McDonald’s and Walmart were the only ones in 100 miles! Definitely one of the worst McDonald’s we’ve ever been too – wait 20 minutes in line only to wait 20 more minutes+ for your food.

More Lego Dimensions and Donkey Kong!

Fortunately, the Walmart turned out to be better. Not only did they have more Lego Dimensions, but Damon bought me the new Donkey Kong video game for my birthday!

Yup, I turned the big 33 on June 15. We didn’t do anything since we were traveling but I loved getting all the new video games and having some time to play them.

Later in the afternoon, the boys were getting antsy, so we took them to the playground, where mini-man discovered a see-saw for the first time (and spent a lot of time on).

Our campground also has a mini-golf course, so we played a round with the boys. The enjoyed hitting the balls and trying to get them in the hole.

Mini-man was more interested in feeding the wooden dear than taking pictures

The diversion definitely worked – both boys fell asleep shortly after we got back to the RV. Nice early night.

Very beautiful campsite

Which led to a very early morning – we were all up before 5a!?! At least we got a jump on our trip to Denver, Colorado – our 24th state! I wonder if little-dude is in the running for youngest person to visit this many states???

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