The Road to Mt. Rushmore

Over the span of a week, we visited three states, on our way to Mt. Rushmore from Denver. The journey started off rocky, mini-man had been sick with the stomach flu. I thought he was past the worst of it, but he woke up that morning throwing up.

Unfortunately, this made our drive pretty difficult. On top of being sick, he hasn’t eaten in days and was really hungry – which made him very cranky. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible but it was hard since we were driving.

When we finally arrived at our first stop, Caspar, Wyoming, we we’re eager to get the kids outside. Luckily, there was a playground. They both enjoyed playing and getting out. Me – I ended up bruising my tailbone when I took little-dude down the slide.

The next morning was hectic. Normally, our one nighters mean a quick getaway. Ya, not this time. I felt like every time we put something away, the boys took out more stuff.

Then the kicker, I was making some breakfast, in an attempt to eat healthier, when I sliced my pinkie. It smart and took me out of action for a while, but no lasting harm done.

Our drive to Billings, Montana was stressful thanks to all of our hiccup. But our new campsite turned out to be our saving grace. Not only did our campsite come with a patio and swing, the resort itself offered a playground, pool, and mini-golf! Just what we needed – some fun, outdoor time. We spent the rest of the day enjoying our patio area and a bunch of the kids outdoor toys.

The next morning we ran a few quick errands in Billings (Goodwill, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Costco), we came back to enjoy the amenities of our campground. I kid you not, we spent the next few days just swimming and playing golf – it was wonderful.

I’m am so proud of both boys – little-dude is getting used to swimming and enjoying himself!; While mini-man took to golf and had a blast hitting the ball around.

Our last stop before Mt. Rushmore was a national park in Dickenson, North Dakota – $6 and absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. It was a wonderful place to visit (minus the lack of cell service and electricity).

The boys had fun playing out in the field. I, unfortunately, caught some version of mini-mans illness and felt horrible. But, like any mom, I didn’t let it stop me from playing outside with the boys.

And, with that, we made it through THREE! states in less than a week. Now on to a national treasure – Mt. Rushmore.

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