Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. That’s really all I know about Oklahoma; that and Chandler got transferred there. I felt like Chandler in that meeting where he got assigned to Tulsa – after three days of no sleep, I was feeling edgy and tired.

No exactly our best travel day

As we left Kansas City, we needed gas. Unfortunately, we were driving though small towns that all had height limits shorter than our RV. We barely made it to a truck stop to get gas. This search added some extra time to our drive, which I didn’t like. Then, about an hour before our lunch stop, we were detoured off the highway and onto a dirt road. We found out later that we were forced off the highway because there was no highway.

A much needed rest stop

When we finally arrived, we saw the effects of the detour- our back hatches and the engine of our car were full of dirt. Damon spent some time rinsing off our furniture and toys.

After another night of bad sleep, we decided to take the boys out in hopes of engaging them enough to sleep well the next night. After some prep, we loaded the boys into the car and … they both fell asleep. Yup.


After a good nap, we headed into the Oklahoma Aquarium. This place is adorable. Very similar to the Oregon Aquarium in terms of cuteness. The boys liked seeing the turtle and the rays, but seems to get bored pretty quickly and asked to leave.

This exhibit was awesome and very different from the rest of the aquarium

We decided to hit a Goodwill close by, which was situated on historic Route 66! Looks like we hit this road in every state it crossed.

He hasn’t put his baby doll down since (he’s so cute with it)

We wrapped up our outing at Walmart. Once we got food into the boys, they suddenly wanted to play with everything. I guess we should’ve tried to feed them fresh food before the aquarium (we tried McDonald’s, but it was quickly rejected)

We arrived back to the RV in 101 degree weather and no power! The heat + our AC units was too much for the breaker and tripped. So while we waited for the RV to cool back down, we hung out in the kiddie pool. Did just the trick!

And I thought Florida was hot

The next day we were hit with even higher temps – 105+! After yet another night of no sleep, I was in no mood to go anywhere. However, I knew from our previous day that the RV was going to get hot. To combat that, Damon went to Walmart and came home with space blankets, which he taped to the front of the RV. It helped, but we still popped the breaker and could only run one AC unit at a time.

New shades for our girl

So we spent part of the afternoon back in the kiddie pool. I just wish there was a way to enjoy being outside at this campground without getting swarmed by bugs (we’ve already had two wasps and countless flies get into the RV). It took us til about midnight to finally get things cooled down.

How’d it get even hotter!?!

We took the kids to the Discovery Children’s Museum the next day. Although small, it’s perfectly tailored to little kids. They had a toddler area away from the other kids filled with hands on toys and activities. To my surprise, both boys loved climbing the two story tower, that was connected using clear packing tape. I had to go with them several times and it definitely tested my fear of heights.

A place where the kids could climb, in air conditioning, was reasonably priced and wasn’t crowded… am I missing something here?

When we returned to the RV, we were happy to find that the space blankets did their job and kept the unit cool. The breaker still popped, but not as often and when it did, the RV didn’t heat up nearly as fast. A great, and cheap, solution to this problem.

I woke up our last day feeling horrible. Turns out, despite all the fruit I’d been consuming the past few weeks, I caught a cold from the boys. I ended up spending all day in bed trying to get better while Damon handled the boys. At least it was cool for the most part.

Kiddie pools are the best

Unfortunately, I felt worse the next day as we headed to our next stop – Branson, MO.

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