Madison, Wisconsin

After our stop in Minnesota, we decided to turn around and head to the east coast. Our first stop brought us to the capital of Wisconsin – Madison. The drive was fairly smooth.

It was a beautiful day and a great place to take a break

We planned to stop half way at a playground for lunch and some exercise. This worked really well. The boys loved playing and it even wore them out for the rest of the drive to Madison.

Our first day was the only nice day we had during our stay, so we made sure to enjoy it. We started with painting outside. Min-man loved getting to play with water colors while little-dude liked making a mess and soon moved onto playing with water.

Little-dude likes to do everything mini-man does

Later, we headed to the playground, where the both of them played on everything – and there was a lot on this playground. This wore out little-dude, who took a nap while min-man enjoyed the pool.

The next day, it was drizzly and cold. Much colder than this Florida girl is used to in August. Usually, when it rains in Florida it gets hotter. In Wisconsin, it gets into the 60s! And silly, me, I worse a thin long sleeve shirt thinking that would work for the day.

It wasn’t so bad at our first few stops, a thrift store and camping world, but when we took the boys to the playground, I began to shiver. After a stop at another Goodwill, I managed to find some cute sweaters for a great deal and they kept me much warmer.

After a stop at Walmart and Costco, we had the car filled to the brim (even piling it up between the kids), we headed home. It was a long evening, as both boys had very short naps and were both very cranky.

We spent our last day being home bodies. Damon took mini-man to the pool and playground, while little-dude and I napped. When we woke up, mini-man had fallen asleep, so he took his nap while the rest of us cleaned up for the next days drive. The only down side to late naps is the kids stay up late.

Thankfully, the drive to our next stop, Chicago, is very short.

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