Heading Back to the US.

We left Toronto early and made our way to Ottawa. After a late night, Damon got us on the road while the rest of us stayed in bed and slept (the beauty of driving an RV).

We arrived and, once again, the van was dead. Damon worked on it in the morning and, thankfully, a camp handyman was able to give him a hand. While they worked, the boys and I headed to the nearby playground, which became the perfect distraction.

During our only day in Ottawa, we decided to visit the Canadian History Museum, which housed the Canadian Children’s Museum. It was highly rated and I could see why. Unlike traditional history centers, the Canadian Children’s Museum, combined the best of Children’s Museums, like building, pretend, and hands on activities, with historical elements. We saw houses from around the world that the boys could explore in, a life sized boat that they could walk on, and a market where they could shop. We spent two wonderful hours there.

We visited the more adult area of the museum, but they just weren’t as great as the kids section. As we were leaving, I noticed a look out area, so we went to check it out. From the top, we got an amazing view of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada. I love the blend of nature with the traditional architecture.

Damon woke up early the next day to get us started on our six hour drive to New Hampshire. I joined him when we were about an hour away from the border, which was a nice way to pass some of the drive. When we came to the check point, we were nervous as we’d heard, and experienced, coming back into the US was harder than leaving. In the the end, it wasn’t too bad. We had to show some more paper work and have the RV inspected, but that was about it. We learned that just because we bought certain fruits in the US and took them into Canada, doesn’t mean they can come back. I willingly gave up my $3 tomatoes to avoid a $500 fine. #worthit

After our inspection, we stopped for lunch and playing for the boys, which always helps make the rest of the drive easier. We arrived at our campground about an hour before sunset. We learned that it was the last day their pool would be opened (they’re expecting snow next week), so we jumped at the chance to take the boys swimming.

The next day was rough. In addition to being cold and rainy, I was in my seventh day on horrible sleep (and about two months of really lousy sleep). So I started cleaning in order to stay awake. Damon took the boys to lunch while I finished up. It was nice to see the RV all cleaned up. Of course, it didn’t last -the boys started taking toys out the instant they got home. The rest of the night was long and I didn’t go to bed until 1a. And, as many of you know, a momma with no sleep is a cranky person.

Due to combined lack of sleep and some illness on the boys part, we canceled our train ride up the mountain and just relaxed at home. Here’s hoping that out next stop is just as pretty and we have the energy to see some of it.

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