Boston or Bah-stan

As is that with our longer drives, Damon got up early and started driving while the rest of us slept.

Once we were up, it became apparent that we were going to need lots of stops. The boys just wanted to play and play and play – which is hard to do in a closed up RV driving down the road.

We managed to find a Walmart about half way, which allowed us to shop and the boys to stretch their legs. It seemed to be enough to get us to the end of the trip.

Just before we arrived, we detoured to a local playground. We had a great time playing with the boys who loved the equipment. These definitely make the road trips easier.

The next day showed to be our nicest day, so we headed to a local fruit farm where we could go apple picking, like we had the year before. While it was nice for Damon and me, the boys didn’t seem to care for it.

As we were leaving, we saw some animals and a kid play area – which lit up the boys. The loved playing and looking around. I’m really happy the farm had this available.

The next day, we ventured into Boston to take the boys to the Boston Children’s Museum – the very first museum to allow children to touch and interact with exhibits.

The boys had a ball. Even though the must offered three floors of activities, mini-man was content in just one area – bubbles and balls. Damon took little-dude to the toddler room to play for a bit, but we always seemed to come back to the bubble and balls room.

We took a break for lunch and walked around Boston for a bit. Once fed, we took the boys back to the museum, and spent the rest of the day in the bubble and balls room.

Our journey home had doubled in length thanks to traffic, so we tried to make it easier by stopping at thrift stores. This helped entertain the boys for a bit, but they definitely wanted to go home.

To combat this, we took the train into Boston the next day to visit the New England Aquarium. The boys lived sitting and playing on the train. Mini-man was so excited, that he walked all the way from the station to the aquarium!

Little-dude fell asleep by the time we got there, so Damon held him while we walked around. Just like the children’s museum, mini-man was only interested in the penguins. We tried to show him other areas, but we always came back to penguins.

After the aquarium, we head to Nathaniel Hall and Quincey Market for some shopping when the boys started to melt down. This made the train ride back a little stressful. I wound up giving mini-man my phone to watch YouTube while I tried to get little-dude to take a nap (didn’t work).

It was a long day, so Damon and I agreed to spend the next day at home. We needed a down day to just relax and get some stuff done. Which turned out to be perfect since the boys woke up at 5a!

We used the morning to tag team a bit – I watched the boys while Damon shopped and cleaned out the car. This enabled us to take the boys out later for lunch – where the both fell asleep 😂.

So we took advantage and went to a local bakery to get cannoli – you cant come to Boston and not get cannoli. And, I have to say – these were amazing. We’ve gotten cannoli at popular places in downtown Boston but these were much better. Not only did they have regular flavors, they so had caramel, pumpkin (which was fantastic), and Oreo, to name a few.

As we got back to the RV, the boys woke up so we went back to McDonalds for some food for them, then headed to the playground. After a day of errands and a long car ride, they needed some time to run around and play.

After another long night, we spent the morning tag teaming – one getting some sleep while the other entertained the boys. Of course, when we were ready to go to lunch – one fell asleep while the other happily watched YouTube. At least it made our drive to Kmart and back a little easier.

On the way back we tried to hit a playground but it was freezing in out. One wanted to play but refused to wear pants or a jacket, which but a damper on his playing, while the other was content in the warm car. So we cut the playground trip short and went thrifting instead. Work out, too, as we found some great books and toys for the boys.

However, after a long day and a lot of time in the car, little-dude decided he did not want to be in his car seat any longer. I tried giving him toys, music, iPod – nothing seemed to work. Then I brought up all mighty YouTube and found something that worked – the Mad About You theme song. It’s one of little-dudes favorite things to listen to and in an instant, he stopped crying. I had to spend the next 20 minutes restarting the song, but it got us home in peace.

A few weeks ago, we had a day all about mini-man with his dental and medical stuff – now it was little-dudes turn. Little-dude is going through a growth spurt which causes him to crash, bump, and fall into everything. At some point, he smacked his mouth and cracked a tooth. Over the weekend, we saw it cracked and planned to go to a dentist. Then, at some point, the tooth disappears. So we managed to get him a quick appointment at a nearby dentist. They told us that if we waited, the broken tooth could abscess and get worse. So we decided to have it pulled right then and there.

Little-dude hated the whole thing and screamed during the whole procedure. As hard as it was for me to hear him crying, i was also amazed at how fast they finished the procedure. One moment I say the dentist looking for the tooth, the next moment it was out. Once they were done, little-dude held onto me for dear life and wold not let go – not even for Damon. I am glad we did it, cause later he seemed to have more energy and feel better.

We woke up on our departure day and were able to take our sweet time. This next trip is only one hour away. So no rush as we head to state #40 – Rhode Island.

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