Leg #6: Headin’ South

With our original #5 leg delayed 3 weeks due to mini-mans dental needs, we wound up in New England a little later than we planned and its really cold! The hard part about the weather has been exercise for the boys. They love playground but they don’t like wearing jackets or pants, so it makes playing outside a little miserable. With that in mind, we are planning to head south as fast as possible, while still getting the last remaining states that we need:

  • Rhodes Island:
  • New Jersey: Looking forward to visiting Philadelphia and New York during this stop
  • Delaware:
  • West Virginia:
  • North Carolina:
  • South Carolina:
  • Alabama:
  • Louisiana: beniets!!

Louisiana has been our final stop for a while now. We weren’t quite sure what’d we do after Louisiana, but after some time in Boston, it became very clear to Damon and myself that were ready to stop.

Traveling has been amazing and we’ve seen a lot while bonding as a family. Now we want to take what we’ve learned and apply that to a one place.

So the plan, for now, is to enjoy the holidays back in our hometown of Orlando and start hunting for a more permanent place at the start of the new year.

Now, while we won’t be on the road anymore, we, in no way, plan to give up our adventurous lifestyle. We still intend to have adventures in Florida and take weekend adventures to some of our favorite places we discovered in nearby states.

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