A lot to do; infinite time

After driving for ten hours, we were thrilled to arrive in Orlando. The next day, I was determined to not worry about anything and just enjoy the resort.

With that in mind, we set off for the playground and the pool. I cannot express how happy the boys were to get to play and swim. We spent hours enjoying ourselves.

After a quick lunch, we embarked on some of our old, favorite thrift stores and walked away with some great stuff.

That evening, we met up with Damon’s parents in Celebration for some dinner. This was the boys first time to this area and they both enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Little-dude especially loved the water-play fountain.

Since we’d packed so much into the previous day, we took the next day easy with some grocery shopping (the day before Thanksgiving!), and pool time.

Thanksgiving came with some amazing weather, so we thought about taking the boys to the pool before dinner. However, once we for outside they seemed far more interested in playing with their toys. Works for us and we enjoyed a nice afternoon building forts.

My parent joined us for dinner, which we enjoyed outside. This was awesome as the adult got to talk and the boys could continue to play.

Friday, we met up with Damon’s parents once again for some Christmas fun. Of course, once we arrived the boys headed straight for the pool.

After some fun playing, we headed inside to put up the tree. The boys loved helping put up this enormous tree.

Afterwards, we got out the baking stuff and made Christmas cookies. The boys were so cute trying to help roll out the dough and use the cookie cutters. They kept cutting the dough and then putting it back together – like playdough.

While we waited for the cookies to cool, we walked down the street to the playground. They enjoyed running around. But it was apparent that everyone was getting tired.

Before we went home, we showed the boys how to put icing on the cookies. Mini-man jumped on this. I think one cookie is now more icing than cookies. Little-dude was content to just sit and eat the plain cookies.

After many days of adventures, we slowed down and had a fun day at the RV resort, enjoying the pool and the playground.

Sunday was a long day for us. Damon arranged to meet up with a guy to buy a gaming system from him. And since we were in the part of town anyway, why not hit up some thrift stores.

Many did we score big! Lots of toys, Christmas stuff, and shorts for mini-man (he outgrew most of his current shorts and gonna need more in this warmer weather). One thing that really annoyed me was at several stores many people tried to take stuff out of our cart! We even had one kid take a toy from Colby that we’d already bought and the dad refused to give it back. I put my foot down fast and got the toy back. But, seriously!?! The nerve of some people. I had to watch our cart like a hawk to make sure our other stuff wasn’t taken.

Damon’s $4 chair that he is very proud of (it’s now in his home office)

We wrapped up our first week in Orlando with a visit to Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water park. It was the last nice day before a cold front hit, so took advantage of it. I was worried about the boys for two reasons:

  1. They’d been up since 4a and hadn’t had naps
  2. They’d never been to anything like this before

But the boys did just fine. We stayed for three hours playing in the waves pool and play structure. They both had a blast. Mini-man even took a nap at the end (little-dude did not – which made for an early night for him).

We stopped by my in-laws house on the way here me to grab some toys we’d ordered and sent to their house. We grabbed to things for the boys on Black Friday and had fun playing while we visited with the Grandparents.

And with that, out first week in Orlando is done. I can’t believe how much we did and yet, it seems we’re just getting started.

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