Update on the Heartswells

Hi Everyone! Happy, belated, 2019.

I can hardly believe that we are already in March. Time has sped by since we moved out of our RV and back into a house. Many people have asked why we stopped traveling and the short answer is – we were tired. We wanted to stay in one place for a while. Now, I know that we could’ve stayed in the RV but the problem with Orlando is all of the RV parks are far away from all of our favorite places. I wanted to be close to everything.

So, what are we doing with the RV? At first we were going to keep it and take short trips around the south east. But shortly after we got home, we got an amazing surprise – #3 is on their way! This kinda solidified our decision to sell the RV. I get nauseous in car rides when I’m pregnant =, so driving in an RV would be no bueno for me. Plus, as I get bigger, its going to get really cramped in the RV. WE did think about storing her, but after looking at how much we would use her, we just couldn’t justify the costs of storage. Plus, i like the idea of her continuing her journey with a new family.

But, just because we stoped traveling in an RV, doesn’t mean that our adventures have stopped. In fact, they seemed to have sped up! Here’s a quick look at what’s been happening the past 3 months

  • Moved into a new house (renting)
  • Had to furnish new house (we had nothing!)
  • Visited SeaWold Orlando (many times), Orlando Science Center, Crayola Orlando, and Disney World
  • Built a playground for the boys

All of this was in effort to make the boys and myself comfortable and have adventures while Damon embarked on a new adventures.

Damon has been job hunting since the new year and about a month ago a friend of his called up with the absolute perfect job for him – working in an architecture office as a Senior Manager of Architecture for Theme Park projects. He’s been working for two weeks, and he absolutely LOVES it!

And all of our prep work has worked out for us – I’ve been able to keep the boys happy and engaged while Damon’s at work. It’s definitely a new experience for me, as I have never stayed home alone, with both boys. I’m also a home body and have two little boys who love to go out, so its been a challenge for me to go out with them. I’ve gone out with them a few times, and, for the most part, its worked out great.

So maybe not as adventurous as traveling the country, buts it definitely what we need right now. But, don’t worry. We can’t stop traveling and have already planned a huge trip, which I’ll discuss in our next blog post, and are SUPER excited about. It’ll probably be our last big trip before we become a family of five – but I’m sure we’ll get back to traveling pretty soon after our newest member arrives.

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