The Crew!

Shoshone Falls, Idaho

We are the Heartswells – a name inspired from the day mini-man was born. Damon said that his heart filled so much that his swelled.

We are a young family who is using travel to build our #FamilyFoundation – a journey to establish a strong family unit that will continue to grow and evolve as the years go by.

Remember, Time is the only thing on this planet that cannot be replicated.


Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah

Cruise Director Julie (a.k.a. Sharon – lover of the ‘Love Boat’).

Growing up, I always dreamed of visiting many places around the world. Since my family couldn’t afford it, I made it a goal of mine to travel as much as I could when I got older. That goal was far surpassed when I met my partner in life – Damon. In the ten years that we have known each other we have traveled across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Now we want to take that travel up a notch by traveling the world. We are excited to share our journey with you and hope that you will be inspired to travel yourself.

Union Pacific Train Depot Salt Lake City, Utah

Captain Stubbing (a.k.a Damon)

Growing up in New England, I was led into a corporate life of a good job, a mortgage, and a family. I met my partner Sharon while working weekends in a Florida theme park. Having idealized fictional reality, my ensuing adventures with Sharon revealed to me the wonder and depth of honest connections and complex un-curated experiences. My biggest adventure is my own self knowledge, and in turn the challenge of being a hero for myself and my crew. I cherish the journeys I share with those I love. I’m excited to share some of them with you.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium     Salt Lake City, Utah

Yeoman Purser Gopher Smith (a.k.a. mini-man)

Over the past three years, I’ve traveled with Sharon and Damon to California, Mexico, Florida and much more. I’m loving getting to play in all these great campgrounds and – make messes wherever I go. I am currently obsessed with Elmo, sishes, and swimming.


Isaac, your bartender (a.k.a little-dude)

I’m the newest member of the family. Since I was born, I’ve been to 23 states, and counting, and I love every minute of it! I love climbing, eating, and bugging my big brother.

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