Port Angeles

We decided a few weeks ago to change the last stop on this leg of our journey from Seattle to Port Angeles. The whole reason for this stop was to visit Victoria, BC. Since there wasn’t a need to stay in Seattle, we changed to Port Angeles, which is closer to Victoria.

We divided our four hour drive from Portland in half with stop for lunch at a Walmart that we thought had a McDonald’s. Unfortunately, they were removing the restaurant and it was closed. Luckily, there was a Burger King and a Goodwill just across the street. That works!

We arrived at our campground to some beautiful weather. As soon as we parked, we threw on our swimsuits and headed to the pool (the first one that’s been open since LA). Mini-man was thrilled.

We spent the next day getting ready for Victoria, and, of course, taking advantage of the pool.

Mother’s Day morning we left early and explored a local Goodwill before lunch. We did find some awesome stuff but it turned out to be a bad decision as most of us were hangry and needed food.

After grabbing some food, we headed to The Blackball Ferry line, an autoferry to Victoria, BC. I’ve never been on one of these and it was an interesting experience. After we checked in, we lined up and waited to board. Then, with great precision, the workers loaded about 100 cars onto the boat in just a few minutes.

The 90 minute trip went by quickly and, before we knew it, we were in Canada. My only complaint is it was a little rocky, which wasn’t fun for my stomach.

We chose to stay in an Airbnb condo near downtown Victoria. The kids were excited to check out the place. Me? I couldn’t wait to take a bath – my first bath in almost a year (which is tough for a girl who loves baths).

An interesting thing about this area – because we are further up North during the summer, the sun is out much later in the evening. We took advantage of this and explored the downtown area. At this point, it been a long day for mini-man and he collapsed in the wagon.

Unfortunately, we woke up just as we finished dinner, which translated into a late night for us.

After a relaxing mornings, we headed to the Buchart Gardens. We visited this place six years ago on a cruise to Alaska. Unfortunately, we only had one hour to walk through. The place was so beautiful that I always wanted to go back.

I was worried that the boys wouldn’t like walking through these gardens, but I was very wrong. So wrong, that mini-man was upset that we wanted to eat lunch instead of exploring.

We spent about two hours walking around this amazing place. If you ever get the chance, you have to visit.

The next day we took the boys to a local beach side playground and they had a ball. It was a perfect place for the boys to explore and play.

Usually this would mean an easy night since the boys got so much exercise. Mini-man was asleep by 7p! However, he woke up at 1a and was not happy about it. Lots of screaming and crying, it looks hours to calm him down and go back to be at 6a. Damon and I tried to get some sleep but little-dude woke up about an hour later.

Damon took little-dude to a local park so I could get some sleep before we left. We then spent the rest of the morning cleaning and packing.

I later learned that our Airbnb host wasn’t pleased with the “mess’ we left behind. Of course he didn’t tell us that, he left it our review! What an ass! He told we were great renters in our communications. Why do people do that? Say one thing to your face then say something else behind your back? Like, dude, Airbnb sends us your review – we read it.

To top it off, he claimed that he had the place professionally cleaned before we got there, yet I found lots of dust and dirt all over the place. I cleaned it and it was in better shape than when we arrived. Apparently he expects renters to arrive and not touch anything. I wish him luck keeping a house looking nice when he has two small kids.

After hurrying to get out, we still had some time to kill before our ferry, we took the kids to a nearby park to play and then grabbed some lunch.

Next to the lunch place was a pet store that specialized in fish! Mini-man was thrilled and walked around for a long while.

We then headed to the ferry terminal. I was nervous for the check-in process. Since they asked us to be there 90 minutes before sailing I assumed that it was be a long process. But after waiting 30 minutes, they finally checked us, asked a few questions and we were done. Interesting that this went faster than when we entered Canada.

Quick side note – I was nervous as hell during this. I didn’t realize until we left for the first ferry that my pass was expired! Oops, should’ve looked at that. Thankfully, no one cared or asked about it. The agents seemed more curious at the fact that we just came to see flowers and didn’t buy anything.

The boat ride was quick but tough. Little-dude wanted to explore, but Damon and mini-man were tired. And whenever I tried to just take little-dude somewhere, mini-man got upset (he’s in a ‘we have to stay together all the time’ phase).

After a day of resting, we’d planned to take a drive to a nearby mountain. However, mini-man woke up very cranky and out of sorts. I was worried that a long car ride would be bad for him. Instead, we decided to enjoy the amenities at our campground.

Since it was cold outside, we tried to be sneaky and take him to the playground while avoiding the pool. It worked, for a few minutes.

I think he saw the pool from the top of the play structure because he promptly came down, grabbed us and started to look for the entrance.

As soon as we put his swim stuff on, he was in the pool and stayed there for a while. The great side effect to this is it gave Damon and me time to plan our next stops. Win-win.

And now it’s time to start that next leg. Check out our next post to see where we’re going.

The Buchart Gardens

Five years ago, Damon and I took a cruise to Alaska. Our last stop was Victoria, BC, home to the famous Buchart Gardens. Unfortunately, due to the schedule of our ship, we could only stay at the gardens for one hour just as it was closing. Although we went through very quickly, the beauty of the gardens left a lasting impression on me. I vowed to make it back someday. During our stop in Port Angeles, I finally got to fulfill that vow (which was very satisfying – many times we make promises to ourselves and don’t keep them).

And the experience did not disappoint. What made it better was being there with my boys.


After two weeks, we said farewell to South Beach and headed to Portland.

About halfway, we stopped at our first Costco in over a month. We were thrill to be able to stock up again. Diapers, wipes, snacks – we got a lot

We spent the next morning enjoying the beautiful weather outside by pulling out the kids play table and tub.

Then we took advantage of the weather and walked to the nearby shopping area. When we pulled into our RV park, we learned we were within walking distance to a Toys R Us, Target, and several restaurants.

I’d been wanting to visit a Toys R Us since I learned of their closing. Unfortunately, there was nothing magical to be had. The store was unorganized and all you could hear we’re employees talking to each other over their walk-e-talkees. And forget about finding any deals – they hiked up the prices. When they add on the discount, the price becomes the regular, retail price.

After a quick lunch, we hit the local Goodwill’s. And man did we score! We found some great toys for the boys, including a tricycle for mini-man, a Crock-Pot for me, books, clothes, and some other stuff. It was an amazing trip.

The next day we realized that we needed to prioritize our plans. Unfortunately, when you spend a lot of time in small towns away from big stores, it means that a lot of your project stack up. So instead of trying to finish projects and explore Portland, we chose to just work on projects. While we were disappointed that we couldn’t explore the city, we definitely needed to work on these projects.

Fortunately for us, our boys love shopping with us. The love walking up and down the aisles, exploring and finding new things. We spent the next two days shopping and prepping for our upcoming projects.

Many are going to be completed over the next few weeks, but one we were able to finish was installing our new cabinet in the dining/play area. The original cabinet was triangle shaped and shoved into a corner. It took up. space but didn’t provide too much storage (it became cluttered very quickly). Our new cabinet, courtesy of Ikea, is twice the height and provides so much more space. Can’t wait to fill it up.

It feels like this stop flew by but we got so much done. Now onto our final stop of this leg, and one I’ve been looking forward too a lot – Port Angeles, Washington, the Buchart Gardens, and my first bath in almost a year!!

South Beach, Oregon – Pt. 2


Our second week in South Beach was certainly interesting. We didn’t do anything big – we just tried to get through the cold, wet week as best we could on very little sleep. Little sleep usually means sluggish mommy and daddy. Add in wet weather and you get a family who goes a little stir crazy.

Sleepy snuggles

We’re currently going through a rough sleep pattern with the boys where they fall asleep late, have really rough sleep, and then wake up early. Not a lot of fun for several nights in a row.


To try and alleviate some of our stress, we went shopping with the kids (I know, but it keeps the kids entertained while we get some things we need). We decided to try a new place, called Fred Myer – a store similar to a K-mart or Walmart. Super glad we went here – I totally scored a lot of Lego Dimensions Characters and finally got the rest of the characters I was looking for. Now just to find the time to play the game.

In terms of the store, it was fine but nowhere near as efficient as Walmart and check-out was very stressful. I think we’ll stick with Walmart. We did find something fun for the boys – kinetic sand. I just like beach sand but doesn’t any mess. An awesome toy for a rainy day.

Splish splash

A few days later we picked up a water table for the boys. I loved water tables when mini-man was younger and love that we got another one. This one is big enough for both kids, has lots of things to play with, and folds up for easy storage under the RV. It’s perfect to play with outside when it’s warm. And, mini-man figured out a way to make it an indoor toy.

Thats a lot of water beads

I bought some water beads to use as a sensory toy. Mini-man found the container and dumped over 9,000 beads into the water in the table. This made the water table a fun indoor toy for the boys.

To avoid going too stir crazy, we took advantage on our aquarium pass and visited a few more times. Mini-man had a blast walking around looking at all the sishes.

I’m a big helper

And somehow, between being everything we experienced, we managed to get some projects done. At our previous stop, we started turning the dining area into a play area for the kids. Damon turned a cloth shoe rack into a toy storage unit on the wall. It holds a lot without taking up a lot of space. I love it and, more importantly, the kids love it.

Our site

At this point, it’s been over a month since we’ve been in a major city, so we are really excited for our next stop – Portland Oregon. This is our chance to stock up on some items we need (like diapers!). Plus, we’re excited to see their aquarium and children’s museum.

South Beach, Baby!

The 101 is beautiful but no fun in an RV

South Beach, Oregon, that is. Like it’s famous cousin, South Beach is a fairly large beach town in Oregon. And with the weather finally cooperating, it looked like we’d actually be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

The boys having fun in the McDonalds Playplace

Our short drive took us along the 101, again. But this time, it was smoother and much more enjoyable. After a quick stop at McDonald’s for lunch (which the boys loved), we made it to our campsite pretty early.

Our first day was still pretty dreary out, so we spent some time preparing for the nice days by shopping and cooking.

Swings are awesome

Then we got to Monday – the day we’d been waiting for. And it delivered. Damon opened the door and mini-man was instantly trying to go outside, grabbing his shoes and handing them to us.

OMG! Where has thus stuff been all my life

Our site is just to a playground and as soon as we were outside, mini-man headed straight there. Mini-man enjoyed the swings and little-dude had fun playing in dirt.

Mini-Man:Awesome, i dont have to walk Little-dude: let me out!

Next, we loaded the kids onto the bikes and road the .25 mile to the nearby beach – which little-dude did not like.

Nthing better than digging

Little-dude fell asleep while mini-man went straight to work digging in the sand. We didn’t stay long – the wind blew a lot of sand our way.

Happy guy

As we headed back, we found an old observation deck that was covered in sand. It turned out to be the perfect spot for us – a view of the water and the kids could play in the sand. Ironically, mini-man fell asleep just as little-dude was waking up.

The boys want nothing to do with taking this picture

The next day was another beautiful day and we took advantage. The boys played with the hose while Damon and I relaxed and had some lunch.

Can never have enough swinging

Soon afterwards, mini-man headed back to the playground, where he spent hours on the swing.

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather didn’t last and the temperature dropped 15 degree the next day. To prevent any cabin fever, we took the kids out for lunch and Walmart.

I make this look good

Walmart is becoming one of mini-mans favorite places. He knows it holds food, toys, and lots of things to explore. He’s even taken to putting things he likes into the cart – most of it stuff we’d already planned to buy (like apples) and something’s we didn’t. I like that he’s getting into shopping with us.

But what does this fish say to me?

As you may know from previous posts, mini-man is enthralled with fish. So we were thrilled to find an aquarium just minutes from our campsite.


And it was a huge hit! The place is huge and had a lot of great exhibits. Our first stop was the shark tunnel, which had three huge tunnels that you can explore. A friend of mine told me it was the former home of Keiko the Whale.


We then explored the middle areas, home to otters, sea lions, and an open air aviary (home to puffins!!). But since it lacked fish, mini-man wanted to move on.

More fish!

We finished at the entrance, which had numerous aquariums. Mini-man wondered around for hours. You know it’s been a successful outting when the kids fall asleep on the way home.


However, both kids slept too long, which led to both staying up late. And, for some reason, they took turns waking up in the middle of the night. Damon and I were exhausted the next day. So we took turns watching the kids while the other relaxed. On the plus side, I got to play my new Lego Dimensions Dr. Who expansion pack!

Inside a fish tank

After another rough night, we decided to get the kids out by going back to the aquarium. I kid you not, mini-man was ready to run from the car and go straight in. He got so annoyed that the rest of us were taking it slower that he came over and grabbed our hands to lead us to the aquarium.

More fish

In the few hours we were there, I think we walked around the whole place at least four times. Mini-man just could not get enough. I love how much he loves fish at the moment.

Pucker up!

One week done, and one to go. We accomplished a lot but we’re not done yet. Check out the rest of our stay in our next post.

Coos Bay, Oregon

Our original master plan was to get to Seattle, Washington by May, assuming that we’d have some warm, spring weather to accompany us along the way. Unfortunately, the weather this year has been quite unusual.

Luckily, we’re not on a tight schedule, so we decided to adjust a bit. Instead of running up to Seattle, we chose to slow down and spend some time near the beach in Oregon. Again, assuming that the weather would be nicer.

This decision resulted in a much shorter drive for us, from the Redwood Forest to Coos Bay, Oregon. We continued on the 101 and it’s still as twisty as ever – it’s not a lot of fun to have constant turns in an RV (similar to waves at sea).

One nice thing about short drives is you arrive at your site pretty early. As it was our only nice day during our stay, we went for a walk. The campground was beautiful and I could see it’d be very popular in the summer.

The rest of our trip involved cold, rainy weather. As an added bonus, our site was very dirty which created a lot of puddles and mud. So even when we got a dry day, our site was still wet.

We took advantage of our extra time and had our car fixed up (again). Luckily, the mechanic was in the downtown area of Coos Bay, which was very walkable and had lots of stores to visit. Our favorite was an adorable thrift shop that had a dedicated kids room. The boys loved playing and exploring – we walked away with quite a few new toys.

Afterwards we stopped by the local library, where the boys enjoyed pulling books off the shelf.

Once we got the car back, we headed to Walmart. Mini-man is currently fascinated with fish and now spends most of our time at Walmart at the fish tanks.

We spent the rest of our time trying to keep the boys entertained in the RV (which isn’t easy). This insipired a new project for us – turning the dining area into a play area for the kids. We realized we’ll never sit around the table until the boys are older. No sense in keeping something that we rarely use.

As soon as we donated the table and chairs, the boys were enjoying the new space. We even got an old DVD player and set it up to play Elmo’s World on repeat. It keeps mini-man entertained and gives us a bit of a break – win-win.

I’m looking forward to our next stop – South Beach, Oregon. It’s close to the beach, supposed to have nicer weather, and has some cute local attractions (like an aquarium!). Fingers crossed it fulfills our expectations.

The Redwood Forest – Take 2


After a rocky stay at our previous RV resort, we moved an hour away to the nearby city of Crescent City. Its still near the Redwood Forest (much closer), AND has cell service, wifi, local attractions (like an aquarium!), and stores.


After a quick stop to get a picture of the RV next to Paul Bunyon (!), we made the quick journey to our next park. Just after pulling in, we felt so much better than our last place – the wifi is super fast, its much warmer and there’s a playground right in front of our site.


We spent the next day exploring the local thrift stores – not too much but I did score some great coloring books for mini-man. After a quick stop at the store, we spent the rest of the day in the RV, resting. The boys have each been going through their own stuff – mini-man’s sleep schedule is way off and little-dude is constantly eating. Both mean that Damon and I aren’t getting much sleep.


After playing a bit of catch-up on sleep, we went out on Friday to track down a package of ours. What started as a 20 minute drive to the post office, turned into over an hour drive back to our old RV park. They sent someone to get the package but didn’t know when he’d return… ya, this place just keeps getting better and better.

At first, we tried to stay in the area by visiting a local attraction. However, by the time we got somewhere, mini-man was asleep. I was getting frustrated at this point as we had no cell service so we couldn’t research or navigate anything! While the place we stopped at had a map, we discovered that most of the attractions closed soon and wouldn’t be open long enough for us to pick up our package.

At this point, I was done and we headed back to Crescent City. On the way, Damon stopped at a thrift shop so mini-man could sleep. Of course, as soon as he left the car mini-man woke up and started screaming (yup). At this point, we’d been trapped in the car for over three hours. I can’t blame the kids for feeling frustrated and I felt it too because I couldn’t help them. Lesson learned – if the 20 minute trip starts to get longer, stop and regroup. As we learned, our trip soon became not only longer, but went to a place with no cell service or way to get stuff for the kids.


Thinking fast, Damon took us to an aquarium across the street from the thrift shop. This turned into a fun stop. Ocean City is an old barge turned into an aquarium, home to sea lions, fish, and sharks. I loved how close up we could get to all the animals, mini-man loved all the sishes, and little-dude loved getting to walk around. It was exactly what we needed after that frustrating car ride.


I think this car ride came back to bite us later. We’d spent a few days trapped in the RV due to all the lovely rain we were getting and needed to get out. So on Sunday afternoon, we planned to go get lunch and do some shopping. However, mini-man was not having it. He absolutely refused to leave the RV. Instead of facing a car ride with a screaming toddler, I sent Damon to get lunch and I stayed back with the kids. In an attempt to relax with little-dude, I set mini-man up with books, food, and his favorite fish documentary. He loved it – for five minutes. Just as I was getting little-dude down for a nap, mini-man started screaming and throwing things. It took some time, but once I was able to get away from little-dude, I was able to help mini-man calm down and figure out what he needed.


By Monday, we were thrilled to get a break from the rain and have a warm, sunny day – so we created a plan to get out of the RV. Step 1 – get mini-man in the van. This was not easy but banana’s seemed to lure him in. At least it worked.

We had an ambitious day planned that started with going back to our old RV Resort again. This time, we were better prepared – lots of snacks and activities to get us there and back. And, success!, we managed to get our package without too much drama.


Next we headed to the Tour-Through tree – an old Redwood that had an opening carved in it wide enough to get a car through. Now this isn’t the famous one (that’s in Eureka), but this was cheaper and way less crowded. In fact, we had it all to ourselves and took advantage – lots of pictures and drive through at least four times.

At this point, our quick dash up there meant that we were all getting hungry and needed lunch. We tried to head back to Crescent City but it soon became clear that wasn’t going to happen.


A quick stop at the Trees of Mystery to get some selfies with Paul Bunyon proved to be the perfect solution. We all were able to get out and explore the gift shop. And, as a huge bonus, there was a restaurant, called Cafe Forest, directly across the street.


Not wanting to drive 30 more minutes for fast food, we thought we try it. The food was pretty good but the experience was unforgettable. Think Rainforest Cafe on a DIY budget – plastic flowers in the ceiling in one section and a fish section (which is where we sat, of course). They even had a corner for babies and toddlers to play while the food was being prepared. I absolutely loved that the kids were entertained and we all got to eat. It was the break we all needed.


After piling back into the van, we headed to the Redwood Forest. Thanks to our break, the kids took naps during the drive. We chose the Stout Trail, about 15 minutes from Crescent City, because it offered a short hike into the forest – giving you the experience without venturing too far from your car.

The kids woke up shortly after we arrived and we headed onto the trail, or at least we tried to. Mini-man was not having it. There’s nothing like tranquil silence pierced with toddler screams. After trying to gently walk mini-man with me, I just picked him up and carried him to the trail.

The funny thing is, that once we were on the trail, he was fine. He even started exploring the trail on his own, touching things and laughing. Complete turn around from the screaming toddler we had earlier. Little-dude loved it too – any time he gets to walk, touch, or climb stuff, he’s on board.


And am I ever glad that we didn’t stay in the car like mini-man wanted. Walking among these gigantic trees was incredible. And each is different – growing, twisting, and forming different from one another. Some had survived fires and natural disasters by combining with other trees and continuing to grow. Other fallen trees helped by decomposing and creating healthy soil for the other trees. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.


And to make it even cooler – this is where they shot Return of the Jedi! Yup, Stout Grove is the exact location of the Ewok Village (So cool!)


I’ve recently started reading Candace Cameron Burre’s new book, Kind is the New Classy, and a particular passage struck me today – I let my negativity shadow the experience. This definitely happened to me during this stop. I allowed my negative experience at the previous RV resort to color my mood (and my lack of sleep definitely didn’t help). I was ready to just pack up and leave this stop without doing anything because of my mood. I am super happy that Damon helped me push through that and get out. I wouldn’t have these experiences if it weren’t for him. Now, I’m really going to try and not let my negative experiences stop me from having positive experiences.


And now, it’s time to say good-bye to the Golden State and head to a state that I’ve never been to – Oregon. We have reservations as beach RV resorts for the next three weeks – which will hopefully be relaxing and fun.

The Redwood Forests

The smell here was amazing. I love the smell of trees

After a rough day of traveling, we arrived at our beautiful RV park – situated in the middle of a Redwood forest. Unfortunately, the beauty is the best thing that I can say about this place. Part of the point of this place is to enjoy the outdoors. This was hard since it was rainy and cold for most of our stay, which made it difficult to enjoy the beauty of our site.

Enjoying some outdoor time

Their website, and welcome packet, show that wifi and cable are included with your reservation. However, both items come from one basic account that is shared amongst all the sites. This means that the cable is fuzzy and the internet is slow – think dial-up from the 1990’s slow (in fact, I think dial-up may have been faster). And this was with the place only half-full – imagine this place in the summer when they full. I know that this isn’t why were are here, but we use the internet a lot for researching.

As the temperature dropped, we turned on our heaters which kept popping our breaker. This has never happened at other places, which led us to believe that our site either had a bad breaker or they weren’t giving us as much power as we had paid for.


After several days, we traveled an hour to nearby Crescent City and we had the best day – shopping, cell service!, lunch, and other amenities that we love. While we were here, we found another RV park that had everything that our current RV park was missing and was only a couple dollars more a month. Sold.

Little-dude having fun

That decision became even better when we get back. You just don’t realize how frustrated you are with something until you leave and come back to it.

As we left, we stopped by the office to get a refund on our bill – they forgot to apply our Good Sams discount. However, they say that once they charge us they can’t issue a refund. The best they could do was $15 off our next stay … ya, like were ever coming back here.


To be fair, this place was beautiful and great for a weekend getaway. But for a family like us, that needs to research what’s in a new place – internet is a must. And what annoys me is when a place offers a service and then technically offers it, but it doesn’t work. To me, that is not honorable.

Headed to cell service!

Good riddance to this place. I am so happy to be heading to Crescent City.

Update: We learned that a package of ours was delivered to the local post office, so we went to pick it up. However, when we got there, the package was picked up by our old RV park. So we went to go get it. But they didn’t have it. Turns out someone from their camp was running errands, grabbed the mail and would be back with it at some point. Very professional.

The Road to the Redwood Forest – A Series of Hurdles


This leg of our journey started as a comedy of hurdles – just as we cleared one, another one pops up, attempting to trip us up.

We start at 330a when mini-man decided to wake up to make noise, which woke up little-dude. They went back down around 7a. With a long drive ahead of us, Damon went to get some more sleep while I stayed up (hate not being able to go back to sleep). Hurdle #1 cleared!

Around 8 Damon was up, so he finished our prep to leave. Of course when we want to leave, can we can’t – the jacks wouldn’t lower due to low voltage (I guess this program is a girl since it doesn’t say what it means). According to the internet ( thank goodness it decided to work), it means that a breaker, somewhere under the couch had tripped (why are these important things hidden?).


While Damon hunted for the breaker switch, I sat trapped under a sleeping baby freezing since we’d already unhooked and hadn’t turned on the main heater yet. After a bit of a search, the breaker was found and we could raise the jacks. Hurdle #2 cleared.

As we pulled out of our space, the downward hill caught Damon off guard and he stopped short, causing the van to hit the bumper. No damage (thank goodness). Sailed over that hurdle!

Now, were finally on the road and we lose cell service. Usually, I take this time to update our blog posts and catch up on our social channels. This becomes really hard to do when I have no cell service. So to help, Damon pulled over and hooked up our hard-drive to my tablet so I could at least watch something along our journey. Hurdle #4 no problem.


Back on the road, we encountered our next hurdle – the 101 highway. This is a scenic highway that drives along the Pacific Ocean. While beautiful – it’s definitely not fun to drive with an RV. It also added an hour to our drive time. Amd, ok top of that, we had a lovely layer of fog to contend with. Hurdle #5 survived.


After four hours, we pulled into Eureka for lunch and shopping. This was the first time in a week that we’d been close to any big shopping areas and really needed to restock. After grabbing some lunch, we headed to our favorite place – Walmart. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell a Super Walmart from a regular Walmart anymore and this one was the latter. This means that their grocery section is very small. I was not happy that we couldn’t get that much.

To solve this, we found a local grocery store and managed to get some more stuff. This is one of the harder aspects of being on the road – you can’t always get the items you are looking for (especially in smaller towns).


At this point, we were all really tired. Little-dude was already asleep and mini-man was in desperate need of a nap. With about 45 minutes left to go, the boys and I all took a nap. Unfortunately, as soon as Damon pulled into the RV park, both boys woke up – and they were cranky.

I wish I could say that this was the end of our troubles, but as you will see in the next post, it was just the beginning.

Site Seeing in San Francisco


Thar she blows! My goodness – the drive from Yosemite to San Francisco was not only long, it was wet and bumpy.


The first hour of our drive took down a vary wavy, bumpy road. I’ve never been so happy to see a highway. Unfortunately, while the road straightened out, it was still filled with bumps and holes (hey, California, I thought we talked about this).



Along the way, we something unusual – a pile of chickens. Yup – a couple dozen chicken sat on various areas of a pile of trees, which created this pile of chickens.


After a quick stop for lunch, we continued onto our destination of Olema Campground, located in an adorable seaside small town about an hour outside of San Francisco.


When we checked in, our hosts informed us that there was a large rain storm coming that evening and we should expect some flooding in our site. Now, I’m a Floridian. When you say enough rain to flood – I expect a down poor.


Ya, not so much. We enjoyed the sound of the rain all night (and I loved that there was no wind!). By morning, there was a river of water by our site and some deep sections of water, but nothing horrible (we call that a summer Tuesday in Florida).

Not one to let a little water to stop us, we ventured into San Francisco to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum – a place I’ve wanted to visit for years.



Our drive took us over the famous Golden Gate Bridge and led us to the famous Presidio, a former military base, and current home of the Walt Disney Family Museum.

O.M.G. I loved this place. Each room progressed you through different periods of Walt’s life, starting with his youth in Marceline to his first days in Animation to his lasting impact on the world. Each room had vibrant, interactive displays that everyone could enjoy – including the kids.

My favorite room was the transition from the second floor back to the first floor via a beautiful, curved ramp highlighting Disneyland and the Carolwood Pacific railroad.

I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but we really needed food. It was such a beautiful day we headed to the pier and found a In&Out Burger. In the short trip from the museum to the pier, both boys passed out. So Damon walked over to get food (down and up a very steep hill) while I stayed with kids.



Since the boys were still sound asleep, we decided to head toward the thrift stores to do some shopping. And what better way than down the famous Lombard Street. I’m not sure what was harder – driving the road or avoiding the tourists.


We had some luck in our shopping. While, sadly, we didn’t find any more Lego Dimensions characters, we did find some cute toys and a new baby gate!


Some of our shopping was to give us something to do while the infamous California traffic died down. As we headed to our last store, we serendipitously passed a Chevy’s. Perfect – timing for dinner.

Although we went to bed late, we all slept pretty solid and ready to go back to San Francisco.


Mini-man’s been obsessed with a book about fish lately. So I thought it be a good idea to take him to an aquarium. I found one in the tourist area called Pier 39.


After taking some time to do a few projects (i.e. play video games 😝), we piled into the car and headed off.


Unfortunately, our fancy GPS took us the long way. This beautiful, scenic route to San Francisco posts 55 mph zones, which, in theory, would make it faster than the main road in traffic. However, this road winds through a mountain, along a cliff. No one was doing 55. This route added an extra hour to our drive – thank goodness little-dude slept most of the way and mini-man had Curious George.



Then onto the aquarium. I handed mini-man a brochure during lunch and he would not put it down – he loved looking at all the fish. Once we got inside, we spent a good amount of time just in the first room, with mini-man going from tank to tank.


It took some coaxing, but we finally convinced mini-man that there was more. We headed to the second floor, which had a fish tunnel and a shark tunnel. Yup, you guessed it. We spent a good amount of time here as he went up and down each tunnel several times.


Then he found the aquarium that you can pop your head up in.


I think the only way we got him to move on was the fact that he could ride in an elevator. Back on the main floor were less enthralling to mini-man, so he walked back over to the first room 😄


At this point, both boys were getting tired – little-dude fell asleep while I was nursing him. When Damon took him, mini-man grabbed my hand a started walking to the exit – his usual sign for ‘I’m done’.


Both boys slept on the way back – with mini-man waking up pretty quickly (I think he was hungry). I spent the rest of the evening trying to get him to eat. Something must’ve worked ’cause he was asleep by 10 without a meltdown (a first this week).


Although it was our last day in San Francisco, we opted to stay in to get work done rather than go out again – paperwork, vehicle maintenance, and some cleaning.


Now we’re all set to hit the road to Ft. Bragg. Onward!