Des Moines, Iowa


Oh boy. The drive to our campsite was an adventure. We left early as we had a five hour drive ahead of us. To shorten the drive, a bit, we decided not stop at Walmart. Instead, we found a McDonald’s at a truck has station to make lunch for ourselves and get McDonald’s for the kids. During this stop, Damon decided to start the van to charge the battery. Somehow, the doors locked and the keys got stuck inside while the car was running. Everything seemed okay, so we continued on to our campsite.


This is the first time Google directions has failed us. Our first attempt to find our campsite led us to a road that was closed for construction. Then it left is to a camp that looked like it connected to our campground but we couldn’t be sure the roads were public so we turned back. We talked to some construction guys who were able to point us in the right direction, which, of course, is when we see the detour signs to our campground. During this time, we’d been driving down very dusty, dirt roads – our RV and car looked great. It’s only after we find the camp that we discovered that the very first road we came upon an hour before led directly to the campground. Google was sending us down the “shortest/fastest route”, not the easiest route. I really wish Google maps would get an RV option.


We arrived at a beautiful state park, with no cell service – of course. Since we couldn’t turn the car off, we couldn’t detatch it which meant we couldn’t park the RV. So we headed to the local Walmart – they have lots of parking where we could leave the RV while we waited for help, plus we could go shopping.


After we got the car unlocked (which took the guy about 15 seconds to accomplish), we headed back to our campsite to set up – which took a couple of trys. The signs at our site were confusing, so we pulled in one direction. Then after conferring with out neighbors we realized we weren’t parked in the right direction, so Damon had to turn us around. Needless to say, it was a long day.


The next day was the Fourth of July and we didn’t have anything planned. We spent the morning plotting our next several stops, including adding a stop in Indianapolis. We got excited, and wanted to plan more, but this is difficult without cell service – so we headed to McDonald’s. The kids got to eat while Damon and I planned our leg after Chicago.


We drove around a bit afterwards to run some errands. No thrifting, as all the stores were closed. But we did get the car washed (which was desperately needed after our drive down a dusty, dirt road) and picked up stuff for a cookout.


We spent the evening enjoying our outdoor campsite. Damon hung the festoon lights, set up chairs, and put out the rug, making the whole area feel very cozy. The boys had fun playing outside. We even roasted marshmallows and had s’mores (little-dude loved that).


The next day we took the boys to the Blank Park Zoo – Mini-man loves his animal books and was very excited to go inside. Despite being the day after a holiday, it was pretty empty and they had a lot of animals out. We got very close to a tiger, giraffe, and penguins – all of which Mini-man adored seeing. Little-dude enjoyed walking around and climbing on anything he could. As for me and Damon, we had our first real experience in parenting in the summer – enduring the heat so our kids could have a fun day at the zoo.


Afterwards, we hit a few thrift stores and scored some awesome toys for the boys – including a stuffed horse that mini-man is in love with.


One advantage to being in an area with few attractions and no cell service, is you eventually run out of attractions and start to tackle the little projects that have been put on the back burner for months. Damon fixed several drawers, reattached some fallen trim, installed a new bathroom faucet, and reinstalled our digital picture frames. These small projects didn’t take long and it felt amazing to have them complete.


Out last day in Des Moines was beautiful. We were outside when mini-man kept asking to ‘wis’ (his word for swim). Knowing there was a lake next to our campground, we thought we would try to have the kids swim in a lake for the first time (we tend to avoid lakes in Florida thanks to alligators).


It took some coaxing, but once we got the kids into the water they were sold. The both ran around, splashing and playing to their hearts content.


Afterwards, we took the boys to get something to eat when it became apparent that they still needed to play. Fortunately, there was a playground next to the McDonald’s and the boys had a blast running around. It was a wonderful way to spend out last day.

This stop very satisfying – we had a cook-out, went swimming, went to the zoo, and completed a bunch of projects. Now onto our thirtieth state – Nebraska.

The Road to I-oh-way

“Funny, I thought it was pronounced ‘I-OH-Wah'”

“Oh it is, but we just don’t like anyone else to say like that”

The Music Man is one of my favorite movies. And every time I hear Iowa, I think of this line when Professor Harold Hill first gets off the train in Iowa.


But before we actually get to Iowa, we had a few stops to make.


After having some fun at Mt. Rushmore, we headed east, across South Dakota, and stopped in Chamberlain. Along the way, we passed a time zone and got pushed back an hour – which sucked since we had to adjust our schedules (from driving to sleeping). 😑


Although we only stayed one night, the campground was nice and have us a good place to play outside.


We started just before noon the next day for Sioux Falls and arrived fairly quickly.


This proved wonderful as it gave us time to go run errands. The boys were thrilled to get out of the RV. We even scored a cute power wheels for little-dude for just $3!

After a long night, we spent the next day relaxing and enjoying

We spent our last day exploring Sioux Falls. First stop was the butterfly garden and aquarium. This place was adorable. The first room had cute aquariums fill with fish and a touch tank with the friendliest rays I’ve ever seen (truthfully – they liked attention and interacting with people).

The next room was the butterfly room and it was filled with butterfly’s. Little-dude loved it. Mini-man didn’t mind them but didn’t like them coming near him.


The butterfly garden and aquarium were in a park with an incredible playground – comprised of several climbing towers, suited to kids of all ages. Mini-man had a blast checking out each tower.


After a quick stop at a thrift store (where I found these awesome Disney record books), we headed back to the RV for some pool time.


I’m super proud of little-dude, who is getting used to the water and even had fun in his float.


Afterwards we stopped by the camps playground for some more fun. It was an interesting playground as it was completely surrounded by tents. When your camping, it’s considered a common courtesy to not walk through other people’s sites. So we were confused as to how we were supposed to get to the playground with walking through a site. We have up and just walked through an empty site.


You’d think that after all that the kids would go to be on time – nope. Midnight bedtimes and both woke up at 7a. At least we got an early start for our five hour journey to our 28th state, and our stop for the Fourth of July – Des Moines, Iowa.

Visiting Mt. Rushmore


Now you might be thinking – why are you visiting My. Rushmore in the summer!?! It’s hot, it’s crowded – doesn’t sound like fun. And I agree and we experienced the heat and crowds, but we managed to have a lot of fun visiting Mt. Rushmore.

We liked how quickly our trips become when we left early, so we started to make an effort to leave as early as possible. To make things even faster this time around, we did not Walmart like we usually do – we had plenty of food and snacks, so why waste time and money of you don’t have to.


And while we arrived early, the drawback is the kids don’t get as much exercise. However, arriving early meant plenty of time to play after we set up. First stop + the pool, of course.


After some fun pool time, mini-man noticed there was a playground AND golf course, so, of course, we had to visit.


The boys and I enjoyed playing while Damon grabbed dinner. This turned out great because they boys crashed pretty early that night.


This set us up perfectly for Mt. Rushmore. A lot of people warned us that the monument would be busy and to arrive as early as possible. Boy am I glad we listened.


We got to the monument a little after nine, got a great parking spot and had the monument pretty much to ourselves. Which have us the person opportunity to take some fun pictures 😁


As it got closer to 10, it definitely picked up, so we left the main monument. But instead of leaving, we headed to Iron Mountain Pass which provides an amazing view of the mountain.


Then we head to the city of Hill View, via Needles Highway, which takes past some gorgeous needle shaped mountains.

The route is not only gorgeous, but it’s fun – lots of wooden bridge’s and cave tunnels to drive through.


We hit Hill View right at lunch time and we’re starving. We had the option of eating local or going 20 minutes to Keystone to get fast food. A little research led us to Desperados.


This awesome restaurant is located inside an old Western saloon from the 1880s! The atmosphere was adorable, the staff was friendly, and the food was delicious. I highly recommend it if you get the chance to visit.

At this point, it was getting hot, so we headed back to the resort for some more pool time. We spent two hours there! Mini-man did not want to leave. We finally persuaded him to leave so we could go shopping.

He wasn’t thrilled but once he realized we were going grocery shopping, he perked up. Both boys know grocery shopping = food. They love picking out their favorite stuff and eating it right away. I think this trip they at 5 or 6 things before we left the store (I can’t imagine what they’ll be like as teenagers).

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning and prepping for the next days trip to Chamberlain, South Dakota. We’re crossing the state to get to the Missouri River – what we intend to follow for our next several stops.

The Road to Mt. Rushmore

Over the span of a week, we visited three states, on our way to Mt. Rushmore from Denver. The journey started off rocky, mini-man had been sick with the stomach flu. I thought he was past the worst of it, but he woke up that morning throwing up.

Unfortunately, this made our drive pretty difficult. On top of being sick, he hasn’t eaten in days and was really hungry – which made him very cranky. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible but it was hard since we were driving.

When we finally arrived at our first stop, Caspar, Wyoming, we we’re eager to get the kids outside. Luckily, there was a playground. They both enjoyed playing and getting out. Me – I ended up bruising my tailbone when I took little-dude down the slide.

The next morning was hectic. Normally, our one nighters mean a quick getaway. Ya, not this time. I felt like every time we put something away, the boys took out more stuff.

Then the kicker, I was making some breakfast, in an attempt to eat healthier, when I sliced my pinkie. It smart and took me out of action for a while, but no lasting harm done.

Our drive to Billings, Montana was stressful thanks to all of our hiccup. But our new campsite turned out to be our saving grace. Not only did our campsite come with a patio and swing, the resort itself offered a playground, pool, and mini-golf! Just what we needed – some fun, outdoor time. We spent the rest of the day enjoying our patio area and a bunch of the kids outdoor toys.

The next morning we ran a few quick errands in Billings (Goodwill, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Costco), we came back to enjoy the amenities of our campground. I kid you not, we spent the next few days just swimming and playing golf – it was wonderful.

I’m am so proud of both boys – little-dude is getting used to swimming and enjoying himself!; While mini-man took to golf and had a blast hitting the ball around.

Our last stop before Mt. Rushmore was a national park in Dickenson, North Dakota – $6 and absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. It was a wonderful place to visit (minus the lack of cell service and electricity).

The boys had fun playing out in the field. I, unfortunately, caught some version of mini-mans illness and felt horrible. But, like any mom, I didn’t let it stop me from playing outside with the boys.

And, with that, we made it through THREE! states in less than a week. Now on to a national treasure – Mt. Rushmore.



The journey to stop #52 started earlier than we expected. The boys fell asleep unusually early, which always means one thing – they get up early. However, this time early meant 4a! We took advantage and were on the road by 8a.


About an hour into the drive, both boys had fallen back asleep when we hit a big rain storm. We hoped to drive through it but our windshield wipers got stuck, which made it difficult to drive. Thank goodness for two things – 1. this happened just as we were coming back into cell phone service! 2. There was a covered service station where Damon could pull in and try to fix the wipers. Added bonus, we needed gas anyways, so we filled up while fixing the wipers.

Back on the road, the boys being asleep gave Damon the chance to travel further than we usually do and I got the chance to play with my birthday present – Donkey Kong Frozen Jungle :D.

We arrived at our campsite around 3p and were excited to explore, so we piled into our van. Unfortunately, it was deader than dead. How could this be… we just put in a new battery and got a new alternator. What’s wrong with it this time!?! Lots of discussions between Damon and I didn’t really lead anywhere, so we called for roadside assistance. While we were waiting, Damon remembered our old battery was still in the car, so he used it to jump the car. It worked! Turns out, Damon left the dome light on in the van while we were towing it and it ran the battery down. At least we didn’t have to take it to a mechanic, again.

Still wanting to explore, we got into the van and headed into Aurora, CO (and driving helped to recharge the battery too!). We hit a couple of thrift stores, which were kind of a bust, but mini-man did walk away with a Stitch pillowpet, which he adores. We then hit our closest Walmart and hit the jackpot – it’s big, has sish, and I got a Lego Dimensions Harry Potter for $6!

The next day we had planned for just enjoying the nice weather at our campground when an unexpected thing happened – our living room TV fell down. I was reaching behind it when it popped off its mount. I freaked out – I barely touched it and it came down. After Damon looked at it, we discovered that the TV was only held on my four very small screws. Super glad this happened now and not while we were driving.

Since we needed a new mount anyways, we decided to treat ourselves to a new TV as well. After a bit of driving, and a very frustrating trip to Walmart (it was being reorganized and the place was a mess!), we found an awesome deal on a TLC 55″ TV at Costco. Along the way, we stumbled across a closing Toys-R-Us and scored some toys for the kids – some cute trains (including a sish train) and another Lego Dimension for me (and, yes, there’s still a few sets I don’t have).

After a long day of driving around, we made it back to the RV. I was not in a good mood – Damon and I had a miscommunication on where to meet at our last stop, which left me wondering around the store looking for him. But I wanted the TV up, so I watched the boys while he installed the new system.

It was worth the long day, though. The TV is up and looks great. We even put some fish on for mini-man and he loved it.

The next day we ventured into Denver to visit the Downtown Aquarium. The drive became intense when we got caught in a hail storm! The noise was very scary. We later learned that several tornados touched down in the Denver area. Super glad that we suffered no damage.

Mini-man was very excited to get to the aquarium. However, we instantly got off on the wrong foot. When I visited their website, it only promoted their restaurant. You had to hunt for the aquarium part and had no place to buy tickets. When we arrived, it to half an hour to buy tickets. Not acceptable for a place like this. We’ve been to smaller aquariums that we’re set up better.

Which is sad to have such a bad first impression because when we finally got inside, it was pretty cool.

Each room had theme park level theming and rock work. Tons of fish and lots of things to see. However, it felt rushed and there weren’t a lot of places to just sit and enjoy the fish. I also didn’t enjoy the exit area, which was filled with IAAPA cheap carnival games, making it hard to walk through.

It was a lot of fun, and the boys enjoyed themselves, but it’s not a place I feel the need to visit again.

Our original plan for the following day was to take the boys to the Children’s Museum. Unfortunately, mini-man woke up and starting throwing up. We hoped it was one and done, but he continued to get sick through the morning, so we chose to keep him home. One thing I love about RV living is how flexible our plans are.

I also love our playroom area. It’s been the perfect place for mini-man to relax and try to get better.

While I watched the boys, Damon ran some errands and came back, not only with lunch, but a treasure trove of toys for all of us. He found the boys numerous train sets and got me some coin sheets to organize my Lego Dimensions coins.

The next day mini-man woke up with a fever and felt sluggish, so we made it another home day – we were driving the next day and wanted to make sure that he got the rest he needed.

Fortunately, there was plenty to do in the RV, so I cleaned and prepped for our drive the next day while Damon ran some more errands. Since it’s our last stop with a Costco for a while, he went and stocked up on some items for us.

So while we didn’t get to do everything we wanted in Denver, it was still a wonderful stop. I’m so glad that we’ve gotten the RV to the point that we can enjoy and relax when we need to. Especially now that we have the dedicated play space for the boys. Now back to Wyoming – our first stop on our way to Mt. Rushmore.

Stop 51 – Rawlins, Wyoming

So Long, SLC

After two wonderful weeks in Salt Lake City, we hit the road to our next stop – Rawlins, Wyoming.

Very Beautiful Drive – but we ran out of cell service very quickly

We hoped to get an early start, but thanks to a late night with the kids, we didn’t leave until 10.

Scored the level packs for $10 each! They were on clearance at Walmart. Whats crazy, is they were full price at the next Walmart. 

It took us two hours to reach our lunch stop, which wasn’t even half way to our destination but it took us a while just to get up the mountain. However, this turned out to be an awesome stop as the Walmart had Lego Dimensions on sale! I was able to get seven new sets, including three new stories and two new levels!

Gorgeousness as far as the eye could see

The rest of the drive was much smoother and very beautiful. I was even able to play some of my new video game (ah joys of traveling in a Class A).

Yup – right in the middle of a cell phone dead zone

As we came into Rawlins, Wyoming, I was surprised that I had no cell service. When we planned this stop we assumed that it was a large enough city to have cell service. Turns out, our service plan has no coverage from the border of Utah/Wyoming to around the border of Wyoming/Colorado. That definitely makes like more interesting. Luckily, I have set up provisions to keep us all entertained without cell service (though it was not easy for this social media junkie).

Little-dude loves playplaces

During our only day in Rawlins, we went to explore and there wasn’t much. The McDonald’s and Walmart were the only ones in 100 miles! Definitely one of the worst McDonald’s we’ve ever been too – wait 20 minutes in line only to wait 20 more minutes+ for your food.

More Lego Dimensions and Donkey Kong!

Fortunately, the Walmart turned out to be better. Not only did they have more Lego Dimensions, but Damon bought me the new Donkey Kong video game for my birthday!

Yup, I turned the big 33 on June 15. We didn’t do anything since we were traveling but I loved getting all the new video games and having some time to play them.

Later in the afternoon, the boys were getting antsy, so we took them to the playground, where mini-man discovered a see-saw for the first time (and spent a lot of time on).

Our campground also has a mini-golf course, so we played a round with the boys. The enjoyed hitting the balls and trying to get them in the hole.

Mini-man was more interested in feeding the wooden dear than taking pictures

The diversion definitely worked – both boys fell asleep shortly after we got back to the RV. Nice early night.

Very beautiful campsite

Which led to a very early morning – we were all up before 5a!?! At least we got a jump on our trip to Denver, Colorado – our 24th state! I wonder if little-dude is in the running for youngest person to visit this many states???

Salt Lake City – Wrapping Up

The wagon always mean we’re going somewhere fun


We ended the week back at the pool. The boys had a lot happen in just a few days, so a fun day at the pool was really needed.

Someone got really big 

Saturday was a big day – little-dude turn one! We started at the pool where little-dude had fun and is getting more comfortable with the pool.

Then we went to a local thrift and scored big time! In addition to finding some great swim clothes for the boys we found this adorable basketball hoop. The boys wouldn’t stop playing with it in the store, got upset when we put it in the cart, and haven’t stopped playing with it since we got it home.

The following day both boys were sick. Mini-man was covered in bug bites and itching like crazy. Little-dude had a fever. Neither slept.


Luckily, with some help from the almighty Tylenol, they were pretty calm. This allowed Damon to run out and get some errands done. Later, we were even able to pick up a new train set for mini-man – which he dove into as soon as Damon brought it inside.

Despite another rough night, I knew we needed to get out, so we took the kids to the aquarium. Two hours of fish made mini-man very happy.

Nothing better than fruit by the pool

Knowing we had just a few days left until we travel to Wyoming, Damon and I agreed that we needed to get the oil changes in the RV. So I took the boys to the pool while Damon drive the RV to the mechanic. Mini-man loved spending time in the water. Little-dude was still feeling the effects of teething and was content to just sit in my lap on a lounge chair. He even discovered blueberries and ate all the ones I brought (which was a pretty big container).

The next day hit a high of 97! So we did what any sensible parents would do – we took the kids to the aquarium. We stayed for hours and had a blast. Who knew that the best time to go would be late afternoon – hardly any kids and all the animals were very energetic.

Definitely one of our favorite campgrounds – beautiful, pool, and close to transit

We had a lot to accomplish on our last day. Although our drive to Wyoming was relatively short, Google doesn’t take elevation into account – so we were worried that it would be a long drive and wanted to get an early start. To prepare for the drive, we started cleaning and packing things up. Fortunately, it’s an RV and didn’t take to long to pack everything up. Next stop – state #23 Wyoming.

Salt Lake City – Continued

Nothing quite gets a place clean faster than company coming

After a long day exploring Salt Lake City, I wanted nothing more than to sleep in. However, my in-laws were coming to visit, so I did what any daughter-in-law would do – clean! Thankfully, it’s an RV and I got the place looking pretty good in no time.

Learning about creating islands at the aquarium

We decided to take them to the aquarium, knowing that the kids would have a great time with them there.

Stopped him long enough for a picture (he looks so thrilled)

Being one of mini-mans favorite places, he basically went off on his own while I followed him. I think we saw each exhibit three or four times.

He loves his new sish towel from Grandma Barb

At this point, we’d done a lot and the boys needed a down day. So we spent the next morning at the pool, swimming and playing with water toys.

Damon’s parents came over in the afternoon and we just hung out enjoying the outdoors. This could not have worked out better. The boys had so much fun with bubbles, chalk, water table and water beads, which gave them the perfect opportunity to bond with their grandparents.

My clean room quickly destroyed by projects. At least little-dude was having fun

On their last day, Damon and Phil spent part of the day fixing things on the RV, while Sue and I played with the boys

Three Generations

We ended the visit with a cook-out to enjoy the great weather.

Salt Lake City


I’ve been looking forward to this stop since we started planning this leg of our journey. Why? Because it’s packed full of awesome things for is to do with the boys – two aquariums!, A children’s museum, parks, and a zoo!

As much as I wanted to hit the ground running, we were stopped by summer colds (and we were doing so well on the illness front). Luckily, we seem to get it at different times, so each of us had their bad day apart from everyone else.

I love with the boys playroom

We did push ourselves a little in order to get food and some things for the playroom. We currently have a TV in the upper corner of the playroom, but it’s hard for the boys to see. So we’ve been on the hint for a smaller TV that we could mount lower. After scowering thrift stores, regular stores, and the internet, we found just what we were looking for on Salt Lake City? In fact, they’d just put out this TV as Damon was standing there!


The days of errands and illness caught up with us and we needed to get the boys out. After a bit of a rough start, we managed to get the boys to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Shark – wow

As soon as we put, mini-man knew where we were and wanted out of the car. We were definitely going way to slow for him.

We spent almost three hours walking around each exhibit several times and saw lots of fish, frogs, sharks, and many other animals. This place was the perfect mix of everything the kids are interested in at the moment.

wis , juice (mini-man for swim and water)

When we got back, the boys were still energetic, so we tried to take them to the playground. Ha! That lasted less than a second as mini-man headed straight for the pool.

And somehow, after all that we managed to finish a lot of projects in the playroom. The new TV is mounted and hooked up to internet, the shoe rack is fixed, and the play cabinet knobs are secured. No wonder we were all tired by the end of the day.

I love otters

After seeing the the following week brought temperatures in the 90s+(!), we decided to take advantage of the nice Saturday and visit the Hogle Zoo.

At first mini-man wasn’t into it. Then we saw the giraffes. Suddenly, he became very invested and started going from exhibit to exhibit, very excited. His favorite, by far, was the phephants 🐘

I don’t think this guy has a lot of experience

Unfortunately, we had some problems getting to the zoo. The van was having some issues with the electrical system – sometimes it worked and sometimes the battery was dead or the car had very little power. After getting it checked out, we learned that we needed a new alternator. At least we could get it fixed fairly fast.

By Monday, we felt adventurous and decided to explore Salt Lake City. We took the trolley, conveniently located next to our campsite, and headed to Temple Square – home to the main temple for the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

This place was beautiful. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It felt like a very calm place to worship.

Since there wasn’t much for the boys to do at the Temple, we moved on and went to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum.

This place was built for Damon – you could build, play pretend, and it had a lot of variety.

The boys had fun too – it was a great place for them to explore and get some energy out.

At this point, I was starving. Having walked around downtown in 100+ heat, I was in no mood to cook, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know the trolley system that well, so we walked 15 minutes in the heat, only to learn that the trolley stopped right at the restaurant 🤦.

Fortunately, this lesson came in handy for the journey home, and the next day, when we went back for dinner.

We accomplished quite a bit in our first week in SLC, and we were just beginning.

On The Road to Salt Lake City

As we begin this next leg of our trip, we’re very excited to see lots of new places. Since there was so much to see, we decided to rush out of Washington and Oregon quickly and head to Utah (plus we’d forgotten to make any reservations for the summer and found that a lot of places were booked).

Our first stop was Yakima, Washington. Our cute RV park gave us the perfect place to park for a couple of days. While there wasn’t anything we wanted to do nearby, we did have an amazing stretch of lawn on our site and plenty of warm weather – at last, we could break out all of our warm weather toys!

Damon’s favorite part was an old railroad tracks/bridge that was converted into a bike trail that led to a nearby grocery and McDonald’s. He used it both days we were there and loved it. Added bonus, we never had to unhook the car.

Our next stop took us to Baker City, Oregon, famous for it’s history of the Oregon Trail (like the actual trail and not the computer game we all loved to play in elementary school).

When we tried to venture out, we found an awesome local park with a great playground. The kids enjoyed playing but wore out quickly (probably due to the horrible night sleep from the night before).

The longer we stayed out the crankier everyone got, so we went back to the RV. Turns out, we were all happier being back home.

We stuck with the strategy for the remainder of the trip and used the time to reorganize our “garage”(the area under our RV).

Our final stop on our way to Salt Lake City was Twin Falls, Idaho, our first new state in a while (new sticker for the map!). We stayed here a bit longer to avoid the Memorial Day holiday traffic.

Of course, as soon as we parked, we hit the pool and the playground. The boys are loving the warm weather and playing outside.

The next day, we saw Shoshone Falls, a local park featuring a gorgeous waterfall. What made this different from other falls is the scenery. On one side is a beautiful mountain side. The other is a beautifully manicured lawn, perfect for a picnic or wedding (which we saw in progress).

We spent the rest of the holiday weekend enjoying the campsite – swimming and playing. An awesome way to spend the weekend.

Fun fact about this RV resort – it had cows. Yup, cows. It made for some interesting smells during our stay.

Now, were on to Utah. “Where is this U-Tah anyways” (Love my movie quotes).