Leg #6: Headin’ South

With our original #5 leg delayed 3 weeks due to mini-mans dental needs, we wound up in New England a little later than we planned and its really cold! The hard part about the weather has been exercise for the boys. They love playground but they don’t like wearing jackets or pants, so it makes playing outside a little miserable. With that in mind, we are planning to head south as fast as possible, while still getting the last remaining states that we need:

  • Rhodes Island:
  • New Jersey: Looking forward to visiting Philadelphia and New York during this stop
  • Delaware:
  • West Virginia:
  • North Carolina:
  • South Carolina:
  • Alabama:
  • Louisiana: beniets!!

Louisiana has been our final stop for a while now. We weren’t quite sure what’d we do after Louisiana, but after some time in Boston, it became very clear to Damon and myself that were ready to stop.

Traveling has been amazing and we’ve seen a lot while bonding as a family. Now we want to take what we’ve learned and apply that to a one place.

So the plan, for now, is to enjoy the holidays back in our hometown of Orlando and start hunting for a more permanent place at the start of the new year.

Now, while we won’t be on the road anymore, we, in no way, plan to give up our adventurous lifestyle. We still intend to have adventures in Florida and take weekend adventures to some of our favorite places we discovered in nearby states.

Boston or Bah-stan

As is that with our longer drives, Damon got up early and started driving while the rest of us slept.

Once we were up, it became apparent that we were going to need lots of stops. The boys just wanted to play and play and play – which is hard to do in a closed up RV driving down the road.

We managed to find a Walmart about half way, which allowed us to shop and the boys to stretch their legs. It seemed to be enough to get us to the end of the trip.

Just before we arrived, we detoured to a local playground. We had a great time playing with the boys who loved the equipment. These definitely make the road trips easier.

The next day showed to be our nicest day, so we headed to a local fruit farm where we could go apple picking, like we had the year before. While it was nice for Damon and me, the boys didn’t seem to care for it.

As we were leaving, we saw some animals and a kid play area – which lit up the boys. The loved playing and looking around. I’m really happy the farm had this available.

The next day, we ventured into Boston to take the boys to the Boston Children’s Museum – the very first museum to allow children to touch and interact with exhibits.

The boys had a ball. Even though the must offered three floors of activities, mini-man was content in just one area – bubbles and balls. Damon took little-dude to the toddler room to play for a bit, but we always seemed to come back to the bubble and balls room.

We took a break for lunch and walked around Boston for a bit. Once fed, we took the boys back to the museum, and spent the rest of the day in the bubble and balls room.

Our journey home had doubled in length thanks to traffic, so we tried to make it easier by stopping at thrift stores. This helped entertain the boys for a bit, but they definitely wanted to go home.

To combat this, we took the train into Boston the next day to visit the New England Aquarium. The boys lived sitting and playing on the train. Mini-man was so excited, that he walked all the way from the station to the aquarium!

Little-dude fell asleep by the time we got there, so Damon held him while we walked around. Just like the children’s museum, mini-man was only interested in the penguins. We tried to show him other areas, but we always came back to penguins.

After the aquarium, we head to Nathaniel Hall and Quincey Market for some shopping when the boys started to melt down. This made the train ride back a little stressful. I wound up giving mini-man my phone to watch YouTube while I tried to get little-dude to take a nap (didn’t work).

It was a long day, so Damon and I agreed to spend the next day at home. We needed a down day to just relax and get some stuff done. Which turned out to be perfect since the boys woke up at 5a!

We used the morning to tag team a bit – I watched the boys while Damon shopped and cleaned out the car. This enabled us to take the boys out later for lunch – where the both fell asleep 😂.

So we took advantage and went to a local bakery to get cannoli – you cant come to Boston and not get cannoli. And, I have to say – these were amazing. We’ve gotten cannoli at popular places in downtown Boston but these were much better. Not only did they have regular flavors, they so had caramel, pumpkin (which was fantastic), and Oreo, to name a few.

As we got back to the RV, the boys woke up so we went back to McDonalds for some food for them, then headed to the playground. After a day of errands and a long car ride, they needed some time to run around and play.

After another long night, we spent the morning tag teaming – one getting some sleep while the other entertained the boys. Of course, when we were ready to go to lunch – one fell asleep while the other happily watched YouTube. At least it made our drive to Kmart and back a little easier.

On the way back we tried to hit a playground but it was freezing in out. One wanted to play but refused to wear pants or a jacket, which but a damper on his playing, while the other was content in the warm car. So we cut the playground trip short and went thrifting instead. Work out, too, as we found some great books and toys for the boys.

However, after a long day and a lot of time in the car, little-dude decided he did not want to be in his car seat any longer. I tried giving him toys, music, iPod – nothing seemed to work. Then I brought up all mighty YouTube and found something that worked – the Mad About You theme song. It’s one of little-dudes favorite things to listen to and in an instant, he stopped crying. I had to spend the next 20 minutes restarting the song, but it got us home in peace.

A few weeks ago, we had a day all about mini-man with his dental and medical stuff – now it was little-dudes turn. Little-dude is going through a growth spurt which causes him to crash, bump, and fall into everything. At some point, he smacked his mouth and cracked a tooth. Over the weekend, we saw it cracked and planned to go to a dentist. Then, at some point, the tooth disappears. So we managed to get him a quick appointment at a nearby dentist. They told us that if we waited, the broken tooth could abscess and get worse. So we decided to have it pulled right then and there.

Little-dude hated the whole thing and screamed during the whole procedure. As hard as it was for me to hear him crying, i was also amazed at how fast they finished the procedure. One moment I say the dentist looking for the tooth, the next moment it was out. Once they were done, little-dude held onto me for dear life and wold not let go – not even for Damon. I am glad we did it, cause later he seemed to have more energy and feel better.

We woke up on our departure day and were able to take our sweet time. This next trip is only one hour away. So no rush as we head to state #40 – Rhode Island.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Damon and I first visited Bar Harbor 4 years ago on a river cruise (mini-man was technically there, too, but he was very small 😜), and loved it. It’s an amazing little town and we couldn’t wait to show it to the boys.

The morning started very early – the boys were up at 4a. After a leisurely breakfast, we slid everything in and hit the road by 7.

The one advantage to an early drive is an early arrival. We parked around one o’clock and were floored by our spot, which we booked as a water view. Turns out, the camp only has a few of these prime spots and they’re so popular that they boom up two years in advance! I guess someone dropped their reservation as we were booking and managed to snag it first. Woohoo!

The next day was absolutely gorgeous, so we headed straight for Bar Harbor. What we didn’t know was there was a marathon happening that day! Luckily, it was over before we got there, but it meant the town was pretty busy.

We found a parking spot and started walking around the small downtown. Damon and I were reminiscing about our first visit there – pointing out various places we remembered from 4 years prior. We even went back to the same place for lunch. It was fun to take the boys, who enjoyed eating outside and enjoying the weather.

After lunch, we tried to walk some more but the boys were wearing down, so we headed back to the car.

On our way home, we drive through Acadia National Park, a beautiful area where we got to see a lot of trees changing color. Damon and I love drives like this as we get to see stuff while the boys are comfortable in the back.

Our last day showed rain in the after, so we took the boys to a playground in Bar Harbor to get some energy. Mini-man, in true three year old fashion, took his pants off before playing, as he hates pants and doesn’t car that it’s cold outside. Both the boys had lots of fun.

Next to the playground was a cute restaurant that offered local cuisine, so we stopped for a bite. The food was good but the service was lacking. The hard part was trying to calm the boys down while we waited for the food to arrive.

The rain hit as we headed back to the RV, so we spent the rest of the day preparing for our long drive to Boston!

Heading Back to the US.

We left Toronto early and made our way to Ottawa. After a late night, Damon got us on the road while the rest of us stayed in bed and slept (the beauty of driving an RV).

We arrived and, once again, the van was dead. Damon worked on it in the morning and, thankfully, a camp handyman was able to give him a hand. While they worked, the boys and I headed to the nearby playground, which became the perfect distraction.

During our only day in Ottawa, we decided to visit the Canadian History Museum, which housed the Canadian Children’s Museum. It was highly rated and I could see why. Unlike traditional history centers, the Canadian Children’s Museum, combined the best of Children’s Museums, like building, pretend, and hands on activities, with historical elements. We saw houses from around the world that the boys could explore in, a life sized boat that they could walk on, and a market where they could shop. We spent two wonderful hours there.

We visited the more adult area of the museum, but they just weren’t as great as the kids section. As we were leaving, I noticed a look out area, so we went to check it out. From the top, we got an amazing view of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada. I love the blend of nature with the traditional architecture.

Damon woke up early the next day to get us started on our six hour drive to New Hampshire. I joined him when we were about an hour away from the border, which was a nice way to pass some of the drive. When we came to the check point, we were nervous as we’d heard, and experienced, coming back into the US was harder than leaving. In the the end, it wasn’t too bad. We had to show some more paper work and have the RV inspected, but that was about it. We learned that just because we bought certain fruits in the US and took them into Canada, doesn’t mean they can come back. I willingly gave up my $3 tomatoes to avoid a $500 fine. #worthit

After our inspection, we stopped for lunch and playing for the boys, which always helps make the rest of the drive easier. We arrived at our campground about an hour before sunset. We learned that it was the last day their pool would be opened (they’re expecting snow next week), so we jumped at the chance to take the boys swimming.

The next day was rough. In addition to being cold and rainy, I was in my seventh day on horrible sleep (and about two months of really lousy sleep). So I started cleaning in order to stay awake. Damon took the boys to lunch while I finished up. It was nice to see the RV all cleaned up. Of course, it didn’t last -the boys started taking toys out the instant they got home. The rest of the night was long and I didn’t go to bed until 1a. And, as many of you know, a momma with no sleep is a cranky person.

Due to combined lack of sleep and some illness on the boys part, we canceled our train ride up the mountain and just relaxed at home. Here’s hoping that out next stop is just as pretty and we have the energy to see some of it.

Back to our Original Route – Toronto!

Now that mini-man’s surgery is behind us, it’s time to get back to our original route. to save some time, we eliminated a few stops. Since Toronto was far from Elgin, Illinois, we decided to go to an area just outside of Detroit, Michigan first.

This was still a long drive – six hours – so, we made sure we prepared as much as we could the night before. Damon got up early to finish, and had us on the road by 8a. Just like our six hour drive to Cleveland, we broke up the drive into shorter sections. Our first mini-stop was to meet up with a lady who was selling her Rokenblok – our collection is getting quite large. After a quick stop for gas, we headed to our lunch break.

As we crossed the line into Michigan, the road instantly became very rough. So rough that things started to fall down. Then we heard a crash! Our microwave door flew open and the glass plate inside flew out and shattered. Damon pulled over and helped clean up the mess.

By the time we stopped for lunch, the boys were more than ready to get out. We went inside to McDonald’s, just outside Kalamazoo, Michigan, where the boys spent over an hour playing in the playground. They really needed that outlet.

The rest of the drive was long, gray, cold, and wet. We were very glad to get to our campsite. Once we arrived, we got a not-so-great surprise – our car was dead.

We discovered in the morning that it wasn’t just a dead battery – the whole cars electrical system want working. We couldn’t start the car or open its doors. We tried jumping it several times but nothing happened.

So we called for a tow truck to take the car to a local maintenance shop. A few minutes of inspection and we found the problem – a blown fuse. Under normal circumstances, this is an easy fix. But of course, with our reputation for really breaking things, we blew the one fuse that was only made for this particular make and model of car. Translation – it’s a very hard fuse to find.

After a few hours of searching, the garage found the part we needed but it was going to take a day to get. At least our schedule was flexible, so we extended our stay for another day.

The lack of car made our extra day rather difficult. We’d run out of most of the boys favorite foods and needed to shop. We hoped that we’d get the car back early so we could go out. No such luck – we didn’t get it back until 4p. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things, but difficult when you have two hungry kids. Normally, we called a ride service, but this was a small town and we couldn’t find anyone offering rides. Once Damon got the car, he grabbed some lunch for the boys but it still left us without groceries.

We decided to go shopping during our trip to Toronto, once we crossed the border, which ended up creating another long day. Sounds simple enough – drive an hour into Canada, shop/lunch, then two hours to the campsite.

Well, it took much longer than that. First – we all slept in later than we expected, which pushed our departure to 11a. We made it to the border just fine and made across with no complications – which surprised me since we’re driving a 40ft monster. Then we lucked into a Walmart with a McDonalds, so we could stop for lunch and shop all-in-one. However, we had a bit of a list and, of course, this Walmart wasn’t the same as the ones in the states. It had different products and it was layed out different. It took us over two hours to get everything we wanted.

When we got back to the RV, Google showed the rest of our route had doubled to four hours! When we finally made it the campground, I’d hoped we were in the clear. After Damon set up, he came in and we started to hear the sound of water rushing. Then we saw water puddling in the kitchen. We turned off the water instantly, but could see where it was coming from. We think the water pressure of the water spicket was high and burst our hot water line. Just what we needed.

After sleeping in and getting a few chores done, we ventured out into Toronto. Since we were short on time, we decided to check out some thrift stores. At our first stop, I scored some awesome sweaters – the really nice, thick kind that just don’t seem to exist in the South (unless they’re hundred of dollars). Damon saw what I found, and excitedly found some he liked too. The boys even walked away with some finds – bells for mini-man and a flip cell phone (a real one from 10 years ago) for little-dude.

Friday was our latest day of sunny (but still cold) weather, so we decided to check out the Toronto Zoo. What we didn’t anticipate was how cold it was going to be. Most of the time, the boys were content to stay in the stroller, eating and watching iPods. Damon and I just turned it into a nice “date like” walk for ourselves. The other unfortunate part was the group of 500 school kids – all you heard were grown-ups yelling at them to behave. Couldn’t have been fun for those kids. We tried to get away from them, but 500 is a hard number is avoid.

Aside from these set backs, we did enjoy seeing the animals and the boys did get out of the stroller towards the end – so that’s a win.

Cold and hungry, we took the boys to lunch – which they greatly enjoyed and seemed to reenergize them. So we went back to the thrift store, where got some great sweaters for the boys and mini-man literally walked out with this huge art set that he just had to have 😂.

Saturday we decided to keep the kids home and just have some fun playing. Damon went out for a bit to run some errands while I stayed with the boys. Part of the frustrating part of being in Canada is you can’t always find want you want – like my yogurt, which isn’t sold anywhere!?! After getting about half of the things we wanted, Damon came home and we decided to try again the next day.

That night was one of those worst night parents experience. One kid falls asleep, the other one is up. When you get the second kid to fall asleep, the first wakes up and wants to play. Then the second wakes up a short time later. I was up until 230a and Damon was up til 5a! And, for some reason, the boys were both up by 9. I let Damon sleep until noon since he’d been up all night.

After noon, we set forth to find more food. We’d recently learned that the following day (Monday), was Thanksgiving in Canada, and almost everything is closed. Not wanting to go a day without a our essentials, we went out.

After a quick stop at McDonald’s, we headed to Costco – which was slammed! People were circling and honking to find parking spaces. We cheated and took a spot near the loading dock (it didn’t say we couldn’t😇). At least we knew what we wanted and got out quickly. As we were checking out, I ran to the bathroom. When I came back, Damon was signaling me to hurry. Turns out, Costco’s in Canada only accept MasterCard (we have Visa). I always keep emergency cash on me for time like this, which is why Damon was signaling me. However, it was US currency and our cashier didn’t know how to process it. We apologized profusely to the people behind us while we waited to a manager. They were all very nice and had a laugh about it.

I was worried about our Walmart stop, but it wasn’t nearly as bad and we got done pretty fast.ans wouldn’t ya know it, the boys both fell asleep on the way home. This led to another late night – 2a for both this time.

We left the campground early to get a jump on the four hour drive to Ottawa. Fingers crossed for a smooth journey.

Going Back to Chicago – Again

Well, close enough. We were actually headed to an area about 90 minutes outside of Chicago. This is the part of the trip I haven’t been looking forward too – because I know by the end of it, mini-man is going into surgery, I know, rationally, that it’s not major surgery, its just his teeth, but I think its engrained within every mom to worry about their kids when they’re in the hospital.

Before the kids woke up, Damon ran out to get himself a video game unit that he found on LetGo. We all woke up before he got back, but the boys were, surprisingly, okay with that.

Since our final destination, Elgin, Illinois, was too far from St. Louis to drive in one trip, we decided to stop halfway, Utica, Illinois. After our quick trip, we found ourselves in a very beautiful campsite surrounded by nature and very quiet.

The one downfall was the lack of cell service. But, this gave is the chance to try out our new cell phone booster. And, I’ve gotta say, it worked. I went from one bar to three, could surf the internet, and even download a few movies if I put my device right next to the booster.

Our only day there, we’d planned to do some errands but one kid fell asleep and the other wanted lunch, so I stayed behind while the other two went out. Of course, the other child fell asleep just moments before McDonald’s. They managed to get some shopping done once he woke up, but it meant that it took a little longer than we anticipated.

Completed the trip to Elgin the next day. What should’ve been a 90 minute trip became 2.5 hours, thanks to Damon’s RV GPS, which take you on the easier route – not the fastest. It wasn’t until we were almost done that we realized the error.

I was worried about this campsite, as its first-come, first-serve. Once we arrived, it was obvious that we had out pick of spots. I’m thrilled we got in – it’s close to a lot of amenities, including the place where mini-man is having his dental surgery. Once we settled on, we decided to hit some thrift stores. No big scores, but nice to get out.

After chilling out at home the next morning, we headed out for some more fun. First, we hit up a nearby playground and spent hours playing with the boys. It was amazing to see them having so much fun.

After a quick lunch, we did hit up a new thrift store and we scored big – got some Halloween costumes, a Bluetooth radio for Damon, some play sand for mini-man, some Elmo DVDs, roller skates, and some other nic-nacs. I love finding so much great stuff at a thrift store.

Now, this is our third time visiting this area, and – I still hate the traffic. Even out here, 2 hours away from Chicago, the traffic can be horrendous. At least there’s lots of side streets to maneuver around some of it, but it’s still not fun. It’s should never take 30 minutes to go a mile.

So the day we’d been waiting for had arrived – mini-mans surgery. We’d packed a lot the night before, so we were able to get the boys in the car fairly quickly. We arrived about an hour before the surgery. Mini-man didn’t like waiting but calmed down once we were taken into the pediatric waiting room.

The nurse gave him some medicine to make him groggy. This made it much easier to get him onto the bed. However, he’s still mini-man. When they started to wheel him away, he tried to get up despite being so tired. We gave him an iPad to watch Elmo while the doctors gave him the anesthesia – which they said helped immensely.

Once he got settled, Damon took little-dude out to shop and explore, which left me at the surgery center by myself. It wasn’t too bad. I thought the wait would be hard, but I had my iPad to play games and watch movies; the nurses came in every so often to give me snacks and say everything was going well.

Damon came back with little-dude when he fell asleep and went to get us some lunch. Just as he got back, mini-man was done. The dentist told us that it went well and they got everything done. Once they got started, they realized that mini-mans two front teeth were badly damaged. He thinks mini-man hit his mouth at some point and severely damaged his teeth. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be saved and if we’d left the teeth alone, we could’ve done damage to his adult teeth. At least we caught it when we did and he’ll just have no two front teeth for a while.

The next part was the hardest part – when they wheeled him in. He was crying and very upset. The doctors said this was a normal reaction to coming out of anesthesia- but still not easy to handle. The nurses placed him in my lap to help calm him down. Unfortunately, they did a really bad job of that – his IV got wrapped around him and they kept tugging at it to unwrap him. Then they decided to take it out, so they started, then stopped, then moved it. I couldn’t believe that they were doing it so fast and not realizing that they were hurting him.

Once they left, mini-man cuddled into me and calmed down. Then he got Elmo and became much happier. It had only been a few minutes, but the nurses were already kicking us out. I understand that they want to go home, but my three year old is just waking up – give me a few minutes. The staff that handled the surgery seemed to be trained with kids and were amazing with mini-man. The nurses that helped at the end seemed to not care at all and just wanted to go home.

The doctor recommended that we stay home and just have mini-man rest for the day, then resume normal activity the next day. However, mini-man is just like me and doesn’t like to be in bed when I’m sick. He wanted to jump and play and got very frustrated when he couldn’t do just that.

Thankfully, it was just as the doctor predicted and he was back to his normal self the next day. To celebrate how amazing his did, we took the boys back to the Randall Oaks Zoo. We visited this zoo the last time we were here and the boys loved it. This time, we tried feeding the animals. The boys were hesitant at first but soon got into it – mini-man even lost his cup to one of the goats!

Then we tried something just for mini-man – a pony ride. We hoped that he’d be ok with it since he’d seen a lot of videos of kids riding horses. He did great – he got on and had a lot of fun. It started to rain after the ride, we we took the boys home.

Our final day, we spent the morning kind of relaxing around the RV – playing and trying to get the boys to nap. That evening, we sped to Walmart for supplies for our drive the next day – it was six hours and there was no way we’d make it without food. The boys were great and even helped get the items we needed.

Once we got home, they continued to be so good that I got to cook! I’d been in the mood for Mexican food but since I’m trying to eat better, stayed away from it. Then I found a quesadilla recipe that was low in calories that I wanted to try. It turned out great! Even Damon and Little-dude liked it.

Then, surprisingly, the boys went to bed early. Which was great for our six hour drive to Detroit.

Meet me in St. Louis – again!

One of the benefits of rescheduling our route for mini-man’s surgery was getting to go back to St. Louis. Since it was a long drive from Cincinnati, we decided to take a stop in Louisville. Thank goodness we did that, as little-dudes illness became much worse, and, of course, spread to the rest of us. As we drove, I could feel myself getting worse and worse.

Once we parked, I instantly hit the bedroom with little-dude and tried to rest. Unfortunately, little-dude developed a pretty high fever, which kept the both of us up.

You know he doesn’t feel good when he falls asleep without mommy

Saturday, we started to notice that mini-man was also getting sick. The day became a series of napping, cuddles, and crying. By bedtime, I was exhausted. Fortunately, little-dudes fever broke, which allowed the both of us to get some sleep.

Time to get going

We left early the next day for St. Louis to try and get ahead of traffic. At this point, mini-man was at the height of the illness, so he spent most of the drive napping and watching Elmo, while little-dude napped on me. I have to say, for one of our longer drives, it went pretty smoothly and fast. Thank goodness, as I was still feeling poorly and was able to lay down once we arrived – which turned into a group napping session for all of us.

Unfortunately, the last napping session led to a long night of very little sleep – which meant that we all slept in pretty late. One would hope for a relaxing day, but no.

A rare moment of brotherly snuggles

The boys were bouncing off the walls and needed to get out. So after I finished making dinner, we started collecting the boys swim stuff, which made mini-man very happy. Our RV Park is apart of the Queen Casino, so we have access to their indoor pool. I think it only took a few seconds for mini-man to get into the pool.

Mini-man couldn’t get in fast enough

The boys had so much fun that they passed on the way to get them lunch. We tried to stop for a quick grocery stop, but, as every parent knows, as soon as the car stops the kids wake up. At least they were well behaved and had fun shopping with us.


Tuesday was another late morning for us. Fortunately, out RV park is minutes from the heart of downtown St. Louis and used that to our advantage. A quick car ride later, and we were at the famous St. Louis Arch. This structure, built in 1967, symbolizes the westward expansion of the United States. Something I did not know, is that people have been able to go up to the top since it first opened.

We later learned on our steamboat ride down the Mississippi River, that the Arch center had just completed. Multi-year renovation. Why we didn’t see that at the actual Arch center is weird. Instead, we saw was a newly built museum that covered the history of St. Louis from the 1700s to modern day.

It’s pretty big

We rushed through this part to get to the tram on the other side to take us to the top. After we got in line, mini-man started crying because he hates waiting (you know, cause he’s three) and one of the tour guides came over and started making fun of him, talking down to him, then started making fun of him to the couple behind us! I’ve never seen such rude behavior towards a three year old. Then she continued to come back and try to “help”. Thank goodness the line started moving before I lost it on her. I filed a complaint with her boss later on. It’s one thing to offer help, in case the child is freaking out. It’s another to make fun of a child for being a child.

And, just as I thought, as soon as we started moving, mini-man calmed down. I thought he’d hate the tram ride, as it was a very tight container filled with five of us! But he just stared out the window the whole time and was fine.

Once at the top, we could see a lot of downtown St. Louis and our RV park, which was just across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis, Illinois. We only stayed a few minutes, as there’s nothing to do at the top. Damon could’ve stayed for hours looking at buildings but I didn’t think that was fair to the boys.

I can seie my house from here

We checked out the museum after we fcame back down. It was very detailed, but the boys were very tired and wanted their naps. Since we came later in the day, we had to wait until the next day to go on the boat tour.


OMG! I loved this tour. First off, it’s an old paddle boat, called Thomas Sawyer, from the Mark Twain Era. Three levels, each was a great view of the Mississippi River. We tried to sit outside, but the boys overheated pretty quickly (unusual 90+ weather), so we headed inside. I grabbed some drinks and popcorn and we enjoyed the ride in the AC. I loved this because the boys could walk around, explore, stay cool, while Damon and I enjoyed the tour. In my opinion,ic much better than the day before.

Thursday was our much-awaited return to City Museum. We loved it so much last time and we’re thrilled to go back. But as the saying goes, we make plans and your children laugh at you (or something like that 😋).

My guys ❤️

Mini-man knew where we were instantly. We tried to show him some of the outdoor stuff, but he quickly led us to his favorite spot – Toddler Town. Unbeknownst to us, this area was being sanitized and most of it was off limits. Try explaining that to a three year old. We played in other areas, but after a few hours, mini-man led us back to the car. He was done.

Damon and I were disappointed. We’d planned to stay all day. We tried to take a break in the car, then go back, but to no avail. So I offered to Damon that we go back to the RV and he could go to the museum by himself.

The boys were so happy to be home. They instantly started playing and watching Elmo. Damon managed to slip out and spend two fun hours exploring the museum – going places he couldn’t go with us.

Damon in heaven

As for us, the boys and I spent the two hours just playing – both inside and out. Sometimes rethinking the original plan turns out better than you anticipated.

Playing, together!?!

When we woke up the next day, the boys made it pretty clear that they wanted to stay home and play. Knowing Damon doesn’t like toe cooped up all day, I offered to let him go out for few hours to run errands. It was fun to be with the boys by myself. Little-dude napped for a bit, which gave me some one-on-one time with mini-man.

Love our one-on-one time

After little-dude woke up, all played with Lego’s and trains while watching Curious George until Damon came home. Mini-man even got surprised with a set of Magna-tiles – which he instantly opened up and hasn’t stopped playing with.

The boys love these more open-ended toys

On our last day, we ended up staying home again – this time due to a wonky sleep schedule. The boys konked out around 7p the night before and both were up at 3a. After a few hours of playing, we all went back to bed at 5:30a. Then at 7a, little-dude popped up – so Damon played with him with him until mini-man woke up at 10. Of course, this is when little-dude was ready to go back to sleep.

How is this comfortable?

On the plus side,we managed to get a lot of projects completed and were ready to our drive the day.

Not a bad way to end the trip

Cincinnati, or Cincy to it’s Close Friends

This trip got off to a bit of a rocky start. The night before we realized that the RV wouldn’t start – we think it had something to do with the boys playing with buttons near the steering wheel, burning out the battery. After charging the battery for a while, we tried again and … it still didn’t start. After fiddling for a bit, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Luckily, the RV comes with an emergency start button – which essentially starts the engine using the RV batteries, which are separate from the battery that drives the RV. At least we could drive in the morning and get someone to look at the electrical in Cincinnati.

I helped hook up the car!

Then, to our surprise, the truck just started working. After driving for a bit, we stopped for some gas and the truck just worked. Maybe something just started working or we have some engine fairies. At least we won’t have to worry about it for a while.

On the road!

The rest of the drive was pretty smooth, until we arrived at the campground. Google, in its infinite wisdom, directed us down a road with no outlet or place to turn around. We assumed this led to the campground. We were close – it was one street over, and, no, it did not connect. We managed to find a stable that let us turn around and go back the right way. What’s even crazier is as we made it to the check-in point, Google was trying to tell us to turn around. It’s usually very reliable, but this time it was really off.

Saturday was a rainy day, so we took the kids to the Newport Aquarium. This place was highly recommended, so I was excited to take the boys. However, I was disappointed – from the ticketing process to the exhibits, it was just a let down.

Another picture mom?

We arrived and found a massive line for tickets, so I went online. We encountered an error, so we called the helpline only to be told that we couldn’t buy tickets because of the long line. The way the sell tickets it’s by times and the next available wasn’t for two hours. This made no sense as the website showed a lot of a availability, so we just tried again for the next time slot. Guess what happened – it worked and we walked right in. Thanks for the help, helpline.

Ones asleep and ones into the penguins. At least we’re all in a picture together

The actual aquarium is nice, but it really annoyed me that I paid for mini-man to go in and none of the exhibits were at kid height. Even in the kids section, the exhibits we’re above most of their heads. Why charge for little kids of they can’t enjoy the exhibits. We wound up carrying the kids most of the time just so they could see stuff. All-in-all, not a fun experience. I would recommend this place for those with older kids or as a date place, but if you have young kids, skip it and go to the Children’s Museum in Cincinnati.

The next day was another rainy day, but we enjoyed just staying home and playing on the floor with the kids. Sometimes, that’s all you need – just a quiet place to play with your kids.

I’ve never heard of this set, but the boys love it

Monday was, yup you guessed it, rainy. So we decided to check out the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, which is housed in a 1940’s art deco train station. This building is gorgeous! I wish we could’ve seen more but it was under construction.

Reminds me of Radio City Music Hall

The station is no longer an active train station and now houses multiple museums. We visited the children’s museum and it was awesome. The museum spans multiple rooms and is filled with activities – climbing, balls, pretend, building, and water play. The boys had so much fun, we ended up staying for four hours!

We chose to let the kids play instead of going to lunch, so after the museum we took the boys to an early dinner. We also hoped it would make it easier to take the boys grocery shopping.

They’re sitting next to each other

Ha! We ended up dragging two, crying little boys through the store. That is until we got to the ice cream – once mini-man spotted his favorite ice cream he calmed down. It even led to some dancing in the produce section.

During a much needed down day, where we played at home, Alex led Damon to another family in the park who are finishing their full-time RV experience. They exchanged stories and gave some recommendations on what to do in the area, including a local train exhibit, called Entertrainment Junction.

Toot toot!

We checked it out the next day and it did not disappoint. This awesome place housed one of the largest train layouts we’d ever seen. Additionally, there were ride on trains, climb on trains, train tables, and a bunch of stuff to entertain the boys. We had a wonderful time as a family. We would’ve loved to stay longer, but the boys had horrible nights sleeps, and soon started wearing down.

But that didn’t stop us from hitting a few stores on the way home. Our first stop was a bust, but mini-man did have fun trying on a pair of too-big roller blades. Guess it’s time to get him some skates of his own. Then we stopped at IKEA for some food plus a couple of things we’d been wanting to get.

Love his choice of helmet

Out last day, we hung out at the campsite. I honestly don’t remember too much of what we did – at this point, I was exhausted. Little-dude was starting to get sick, so I wasn’t getting any sleep. I remember at one point, mini-man wanted to go swimming and started putting on his swim suit. Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to a pool, so Damon tried to help by putting together the kiddie pool. Didn’t work at all. I am very grateful that we have access to a pool at our upcoming stop in St. Louis.

He likes to fill up the pool

But before we get there, we have to stop in Louisville.

Cleveland, Rocks!

At least according to the all-knowing Drew Carey. We started our long journey to Cleveland early in hopes of getting a starting while the boys were still asleep. It half worked – little-dude woke up just as we were leaving, but mini-man stayed asleep.

What seemed to help was dividing the day up into smaller parts and stoping about every 90 minutes. Our first break was to meet up with a guy who was selling his Rokenbok set (I’d never heard of this stuff until Damon found it at a Goodwill and the kids just love it).

We then set forth to the half-way point of our journey – Elkhart, Indiana – for lunch. We managed to find a McDonalds with a playplace, and truck parking (bonus!). It was the perfect stop as it gave us adults a break and the kids could climb and play.

I’m up high!

Our third stop was turned into just a restroom break for Damon, as both kids had fallen asleep, which always makes the drive easier. They both woke up just as we arrived at the campground, both needing to get out of the RV. I have to say, despite this being such a long drive – they both did very well.

Unfortunately, the long day plus the long naps meant that the kids were up late. Fortunately, we have a nice campsite that we can enjoy and they could play. It’s really cute to see mini-man set himself up at the picnic table with his paint set and just go to town.

Painting outside in the dark

Saturday, we accomplished something new – mini-mans first haircut. You may have noticed that he has long hair. That is three years worth of hair growth for him. It looks like he inherited my hair growth and thickness. A while ago, Damon and I started to notice that his bangs were bothering him and the back of his hair was constantly getting tangled.

Really well behaved for his first time

On our way to Goodwill, we noticed a haircut place next door that had no waiting. We talked about getting mini-mans haircut and this seemed like a great opportunity. Damon and I were both nervous as to how he’d react – he’d never done this before. To our surprise, he sat there and just watched. He seemed fascinated with the whole process. And when it was done, he looked so cute! I think he feels better too.

He looks so different

After our stops, we headed home and spent the evening planning our new route. Now that we need to go back to Chicago, we needed to figure out where to go next. After planning so many stops, we were back to having no place to go. Thankfully, we are passed Labor Day and parks now have tons of availability. If you check out our leg #5 post, you can see our updated itinerary.

New route!

Sunday was a mini Great Movie Ride reunion, when we met up with our old friend Jasmine at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It was great to catch up with her and talk about our travels, kids, and Bitcoin.

I’m a shark 🦈

The aquarium was adorable. It was Jasmine’s daughters first visit, as well, and she loved seeing all the fish. My kids, just wanted to be held the whole time, but they still liked looking at the fish.

We’re all looking at the camera!

On our way back, both boys fell asleep, so i took the opportunity to go shoe shopping. This is my biggest vice – i love shoes! Damon dropped me off at DSW, and I headed straight for the clearance section, which was filled with amazing, colorful shoes from the summer. Pro tip: When its back to school time, they put the cute, summer heels on sale!. I hadn’t been to a DSW in years and loved looking at all the shoes. I had a pile within minutes. I did manage to narrow down my finds to just two pairs (I remembered d that I lived in an RV and probably couldn’t store more than two) – a cute pair of flats and some amazing Jessica Simpson red heels.


Labor Day Monday was our originally scheduled leave date. However, after looking at the campground bookings, and seeing what Cleveland had to offer, we decided to extend our stay. Plus, with literally everyone leaving, we had our pick of sites and moved our rig to a campsite with some nice shade and fun area for the boys to play in.

Since everyone else was leaving in the morning, we decided to take the boys out for a while. We did some grocery shopping and hit some thrift stores. When we returned, almost all of the RV’s and tents were gone. It’s amazing how much difference a day makes. Now that we’re past this holiday, every campground has unlimited availability.

What a difference a day makes

On Tuesday, we trekked an hour into Cleveland to check out the Cleveland Children’s Museum. While an hour in the car with two boys can be taxing, it was worth it. This children’s museum opened about a year ago in an old mansion and it’s amazing. The main floor had a water room filled with balls, tunnels, and scarfs – lots of hands on fun. The adjacent room had a huge, two-story tree house with multiple rooms, each with a different activity – like a grocery store, a hospital, mechanic, and garden. There was so much to do on this floor that we never left it. Damon explored the other floors, which had art, reading, and a room dedicated to doll houses. It was really one of the best children’s museums we’ve visited.

Lots of fun!

Unfortunately for me, something was effecting my head, making it very difficult to get rid of a particularly nasty migraine. Looking back, I think the rainy weather might’ve had something to do with it. By the time we got home from the kids museum, I was in a lot of pain. I was hoping a good nights sleep would help, but, alas, it did not. In an effort to combat this, I spent a large part of the next day in bed, trying to relax away the headache. While I did that, Damon played with the kids.

More painting outside at night

As Thursday was our final day, we made a list of things to accomplish – cleaning, Sam’s club, lunch, and packing up. It seems to help when we put together a list – we accomplish a lot and makes our travel day much easier.

We had a lot of fun at this stop and I’m looking forward to our next destination – Cincinnati, Ohio, where we have a lot planned.

Time to go!

Chicago 2.0

Well our second time in Chicago was certainly interesting and confirmed one thing for me – I definitely don’t want to live here. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some amazing amenities and attractions but the combination of horrific traffic and excruciatingly, frustrating toll roads, makes Chicago not the place for me.

I wish driving was this easy

The upside to this stop is it was only 90 minutes to get there. But, this also means that our next drive is really long. After, we parked at our campsite, we took the kids out to play. Unlike the parking lot we boondocked at the last time we were in Chicago, this campground had a pool, playground, and minigolf. We had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, not being near Chicago meant that when we wanted to get into the downtown area, it took almost two hours! Which is near impossible to do with two toddlers in the car.

Somehow we managed to make it into the City without too much stress, just in time for our sailing trip on Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, the weather people were dead wrong about the weather. Instead of beautiful weather and nice winds, we got very forceful winds that made the trip very choppy. We made it maybe five minutes before we aborted. If it were Damon and myself, we probably would have toughed it out. But we didn’t want the kids to be uncomfortable, so we went back.

Fastest sailing trip we’ve ever done

Instead, we went to a playground to figure out our next move. We thought about a kids musuem or something to entertain the boys, but they were very tired, so we started the journey back home, with some stops along the way to make the drive easier. Unfortunately, traffic at 3p still sucks and took twice as long to get anywhere.

The next day, we tried to stay close to the campground and check out some thrift stores near by. While we enjoyed our hunt, and found some fun things, the driving was just unbearable.

Our last day became an unexpected, adventure with some fun parts to it. We noticed mini-mans teeth needed some attention, so we took him to the dentist. Just as we thought, he needed some work. Unfortunately, he would barely let the dentist touch him without screaming, so we couldn’t address any of his issues. We decided it would be best to schedule him for surgery – it’ll be easier on mini-man and we can get everything done at one time.

Loved that the waiting room was entertaining for kids

The staff was fantastic and great with mini-man. All-in-all, he did pretty good – he didn’t bite or run away, he just screamed (which is understandable).

Little-dude likes to do anything mini-man is doing

After lunch, we took him to the pediatrician to get a check-up and a form signed for his surgery. After so much, we decided to take him somewhere to play. We passed a children’s zoo by the dentist and decided to check it out.

Brushing goats

Oh my gosh, this place was adorable. Really small, but it had a huge enclosure with the friendliest goats I’ve ever seen. Mini-man stayed there for an hour, following them, brushing them, and having a wonderful time.

He didn’t want to leave ❤️

Once we got home, we did what we usually do – we got ready to go. With so much that happened, we knew we had some re-planning to do for mini-man’s surgery. At least its really easy to make new arrangements. Plus, we might get to do some fun stuff along the way. Now to face a six hour drive to Cleveland!!!

Time to hit the road