Back to the Cold in Yosemite

Enjoying one of our last warm days for a while (It’s almost spring, right?)

After finally finding warmth, we drove back to the cold in Yosemite. Turns out, it was warm here until recently. Only when we show up do they have a huge snow storm. I think we might be affecting the weather some how.


During our drive, we experienced a first for us! When we stopped for lunch, we parked on a small road that had access to an exit. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to leave, other trucks had shown up, complicating our exit. There was a small gap, so we tried to navigate through it and got stuck. In order to get out, Damon had to block the exit to the restaurant, unhook the car, and move the RV out. Apparently, this is common for class-a’s with tow vehicles.

Why, Smokey! We meet again.

We arrived at our campsite just in time for the rain. Not feeling particularly adventurous at this point, we settled in for the night

After some rough sleep, we decided to get out and get the boys some fun. First stop, the Children’s Museum of Sierra.

The kids had so much fun

This place is amazing! Four large rooms fill to the brim with toys and activities that the kids could play with. Both boys had a great time – so great that Damon was able to sneak out and get some car stuff done. Now we can finally get the car registered.

Our new ride for the week. Not our preference, but it worked. And came in handy, in more ways than one.

The rest of our very wet afternoon took us a “red tape” adventure. Turns out that until we get our paperwork filed, were not supposed to drive our car. So we very carefully drove to a rental place in nearby Fresno to get a car for the week.

This wound up being a blessing I disguise. You see, the van’s been going through oil and smelling over the past few weeks. What better time to get it checked out than when we have a rental car. Unfortunately, we ran outta time and had to leave the van near the rental place for the night.

Since we were in Fresno, we decided to get some shopping done. Totally scored a Lego Dimensions game for half off (I know it’s discontinued but we have all these figurines now and I’m curious, some Lego tape for mini-man, and lots of food! The real fun part was figuring out how to fit this all in our rental truck.

Gotta love the toy aisle

The following day we made a plan to get the car to the mechanic. While the kids and I had lunch at the McDonald’s in the local Walmart, Damon set about rearranging the cars.

While we were at Walmart, and just as Damon joined up with us, an amazing milestone happened – little-dude to his first steps! I love that they are side-ways steps, since he’s been practicing on the furniture that way 😆

After that, we decided to try some local pawn and thrift stores. Unfortunately, we struck out and didn’t find anything. But, we did hear from a local guy selling his PS3 and games for a great deal, so we went to meet him. Now we can play Lego Dimensions!!


After an accomplishing, and exhausting, day, we treated ourselves to dinner at BJ’s.


By Sunday, we’d done a lot and decided to have a nice day at home – which included installing and playing Lego Dimensions (of course 😆). That game is a lot of fun. I’m really glad that we got into it now, when everything’s on sale!

After a few hours of video games, we headed outside for some fresh air. Mini-man had fun with his bicycle and building set while little-dude practice walking with his toy truck (he’s getting pretty good at it 😍).


Still excited about the Lego Dimensions deal we found, we decided to head into Fresno for the evening and do some more shopping – where we scored a Cyberman from Doctor Who!


The next day was our nicest, and warmest day, during our stay, so we decided to head to Yosemite National Park.

Knowing that we had a two hour drive ahead of us, and to the cold no less, we prepared like crazy – food, drinks, toys, cameras, tablets, and anything else we could think of. Luckily, the kids fell asleep pretty quickly.


Another blessing in disguise for our car troubles – having the truck for this trip. Over two hours we saw lots of hills, winding turns, and complicated directions. At one point we had to follow a government snow plow to avoid a clean up crew working on a part of the mountain. This would’ve been a much harder trip in the van.

Speaking of the van, thank goodness we got into the shop (another blessing), it had a lot of issues – brakes almost gone, rear shocks shot, serpentine belt about to break, and cylinder head seals almost eroded. Imagine driving that up and down a mountain.


Since it was snowing in multiple areas of the park, we opted to take the more scenic route that was longer but didn’t require any snow chains. It was a fascinating drive – it was amazing to see how the road evolved over the decades.


Once we arrived, we parked at the visitors center to stretch out legs and check out the area. The kids were really happy to get out of the car. The walk to the center was so serene and beautiful – the smell of pine instantly relaxed me. And you can’t miss the half-dome in the background.

The visitors center had a cute walk-through that explained the history of the park. My favorite part was seeing photographs of the same fall from different time periods. The kids loved the hands on elements. After a quick stop at the gift shop (a must), we picked a few areas to visit and headed back to the car.


Time sure flies when your having fun – we managed to spend two hours in this area! With a long drive ahead of us, we decided to just hit a couple of places. First was Bridal Falls, one of the many gorgeous water falls in the park. Since Glacier Point was closed, the road to half-dome, we continued on.



We then stopped at Tunnel View, a stop that gives an amazing overview of the valley. It was amazing to me to see the beautiful views and the juxtaposition of the snow capped mountains with the green valley below.


At this point, both boys had fallen asleep, so we decided to head back home. So glad that we got to experience this gorgeous park.

Our last full day and we were busy! It’s so great that we’ve accomplished so much during this stop – car, paperwork, video games, children’s museum and Yosemite – which led to a very busy last day.


First up, visiting the thrift stores and pawn shops one more time. Unfortunately, we struck out again. This trip hasn’t been great for our thrifting. We did walk away with another Lego Dimensions character. Can’t wait to see if we find any new ones in the next city.


On our way to the grocery store, we finally got the call that our car was ready! Woohoo! So Damon dropped us off and raced to drop off the rental truck and get the van. Luckily, the people at Enterprise were really nice – not only did they stay later for us, they drove Damon to the repair shop!


Meantime, I was chasing mini-man around Walmart, while trying to calm a very tired little-dude. I finally wrangled mini-man and took both kids to the toy aisle to play. Thank goodness for the toy aisle.


With a long drive in the morning, I’d hoped we’d go to bed on time. No such luck, both kids seemed wired once we got home, with mini-man becoming so over-tired that he became delirious and extremely loud. I guess we tried to do too much.


Just another lesson learned, I guess. At least we have some fun things planned for the kids at our next stop – San Francisco.


Seeing Sequoia

California is known for many things, but one of the things I’ve always wanted to see, but never have, is their magnificent sequoia and redwood trees. This stop, I get to strike one of those off my list.

Our drive got off to a late start thanks to little-dude waking up at 3 a.m., then mini-man waking up at 5 a.m. Damon let me sleep while he played with the boys, which meant he got no sleep. Once I got up at 7 a.m., Damon went back to bed to get a couple hours of shut-eye. Fortunately, our previous day’s cleaning spree meant that we didn’t need to do too much to leave.

A few hours later, we were ready to go. Before we got too far, we stopped by the bank to get Damon’s debit card, which had been taken the day before for safe keeping. For some reason, though, the bank cut up his debit card. They said it was for our safety, since we’d lost it … even though they were our bank and they had it. Who’s gonna take it? One of your people? Oh well. At least I have my card, so we continued on.

We arrived out our campground by mid-afternoon, after a very bumpy ride (Hey California, how about making your roads a little less bumpy!?!). Due to the rain, we settled in for the night.

I wish! Between both boys I got no sleep. I managed to get a small nap, but you all know it doesn’t makeup for no sleep.

By the afternoon, we loaded up the kids into the car and headed for the Sequoia National Park. Even though it’s just a few miles from our campground, it’s 7000ft up!, which meant over an hour drive.

Luckily, the kids fell asleep and I could enjoy the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Little-dude is going through a ‘I hate my car seat’ phase, which means he cries non-stop. Nothing seems to help him – I hope he gets used to it soon.

We’d almost made it to our destination, the Trail of 100 Giants, when we hit a road closure – snow had blocked our way. At least we learned this now and could try again.

After an hour drive back down the mountain, we headed for dinner. When we arrived, we stumbled upon a local Goodwill! Thinking we wouldn’t find anything, we went in for a quick look.

We. Were. Wrong! We found so much stuff here. Awesome 1980’s Sesame Street books, magnetic toys, a Connect Four, a mystery toy box, and a great GPS!

After the previous day’s long drive to a closed road, we learned our lesson and decided to ask before we drove anywhere. Turns out, the area we wanted to see was snowed in and not accessible by cars.

We did learn that there’s a Grove of trees about two hours away but the thought of spending one of our only nice days in the car didn’t sound appealing to me. Instead, we went to lunch.

There’s at least three

While we were out, we discovered a few thrift stores nearby, so we walked to them. While the Goodwill stop was a bust, we scored at b the .99 cent store – dozens of Lego Dimensions characters, candy, and some cascarones (which mini-man wanted to open in the store).

On the way home, we heard something hit/tumble across the roof of our car. We didn’t think much of it and kept going. 10 minutes later, Damon realized his phone was missing!

So we went turned around and went back to the place where we heard the sound. While Damon searched the side of the highway, I took a chance and called his phone. I heard it! I searched the car frantically but couldn’t find it. Once Damon got back to the car I told him I heard it and had him help in the search. He found it stuck in the roof rack on top of the car. Turns out, he left it on the roof of the car and it tumbled across when we sped up. Luckily, it got stuck and there was no damage.

Once we got home, it was still nice out, so we pulled our outdoor stuff and enjoyed the evening. Mini-man was thrilled to break his eggs (finally!).

The next day, we expected rain, so Damon played with the kids outside for a bit while I cleaned the playroom. Don’t know what happened to the rain, but glad the kids got to play.

Later, Damon and I did a major purge of the kids toys. We realized that a bucket and a hose kept their attention longer than most of their toys. So anything that was a one-hit-wonder (only kept their attention for a few minutes) got donated or stored for future use. Man, does the playroom look so much better.

Per usual, on our last day we get ready to leave. Unfortunately, when we pulled into this sure a few days ago, our living room side got stuck half-out for some reason. The motor engaged but the slide would barely move. Now that we need to leave, we had to figure out how to get the side back in.

Then I remembered that our auto-level jacks couldn’t finish due to slope of the site. Turns out, the slide twisted due to the unevenness of the site. Once we raised the jacks, the RV straighten and the slide started working! Score one for the wifey 😆

So now we say goodbye to Sequoia. I wish we could’ve seen more of the trees but weather has not been our friend lately. Hopefully we’ll have better luck in Yosemite.

Rough Ride Near the Rio Grande

“Roughing” it in the desert

After a long car ride, we woke up at the Seminole Canyon State Park refreshed and happy to be back on the road. This park is very close to the Rio Grande and offers many trails down to the river. Since it was the first real nice day we’d seen in a while, and the last warm one we’d see for some time, we decided to get out.

The bike ride that didn’t go quite as planned

For the first time in months, we broke out the bikes and decided to explore the campground. We learned pretty quickly that the so-called ‘bike trails’ that led to the Rio Grande were basically rock covered dirt paths – not suitable for kids. We met another biker along the way who told us that the path was hard and he walked a lot of it.

Checking out the Welcome Center

Instead of trudging forward, we decided to go explore other, paved, areas of the park.

The boys love getting outside

By the time we got back to the afternoon, we were ready to relax. Since it was so nice out, we set up camp outside. It was amazing to spend time outside again! I loved seeing mini-man feel comfortable to walk around and explore a bit on his own ❤️

The next few days were spent inside as the weather went crazy! Temps dipped into the 30’s and the winds reached 70mph!! I’ll admit, I was soooooo glad that we were in the new RV. I remember high winds in our travel trailer, and it wasn’t fun. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like in this weather.


Unfortunately, our week started to slide south. Damon got really sick and ended up going to the ER with food poisoning 😞. And this was a day before we were supposed to leave. But we regrouped and decided to stay a few more days to let him recuperate.


Turned into a great decision, as both the boys and myself got sick. I guess the family that gets sick together, stays together.

Family time

By Thursday we were well enough to continue on. And not a moment too soon. It can be a bit much when it’s cold, your sick, and there’s NOTHING nearby for 40 miles! Can’t wait for all of us to get better so we can start enjoying our adventure again.

A Long Day Became a Long Night

Around 12a, on Sunday, January 15, I heard Damon get out of bed and start breathing heavily. Scared he was having a heart attack, I followed him. While it wasn’t a heart attack, Damon wasn’t well. He ran outside the RV and proceeded to throw up.

Once he was done and tried to drink something, we tried to go back to bed. An hour later, he was up again and running outside. This happened almost every hour. And every time he left, I was awake, worried about him.

By morning, we were both exhausted and Damon felt horrible. We made the decision for him to go to the hospital. I’d rather he get better, faster, then try to tough it out.

I spent the day worried out of my mind. On the bright side, the kids were ok. Mini-man watched Curious George, while I played with little-dude and waited for updates.

By early afternoon, we’d learned that he had food poisoning. He was able to get some medication and come back to us, but feeling really weak and fragile.

As we transitioned to evening, Damon told me that we were expecting 70 mph winds in a few hours. So while he watched little-dude, I ran around in the dark with a flashlight trying to collect our stuff and put it away.

Just as everyone was finally asleep and I could try to go to bed, the winds picked up and began to shake the whole RV. I remember my mom telling me once that a tornado sounds like a train coming. I could hear very similar sounds rushing all around us.

Needless to say, I couldn’t fall asleep. My mama-bear instincts kicked in and all I wanted to do was protect my family. I’d rather they be safe than get sleep. Besides, all the noise and rocking made me so nervous. It’s almost like your body knows that you’d wake up at any moment so it won’t let you go to sleep.

I’ve never been more grateful for stabilizers. I don’t think I could have handled this kind of weather in our old unit.

The wind finally subsided around 1a. At this point, I’d been up for more than 24 hours. Just as I was just about to fall asleep, mini-man woke up little-dude.

So instead of sleeping, Damon and I were trying to get the kids to go back to sleep. I finally got little-dude asleep around 2:30a and just collapsed. Unfortunately, an hour later, mini-man woke little-dude up again. I spent the rest of my night trying to keep little-dude asleep.

By morning, I was cold and cranky. It’s hard to stay positive and not feel resentful when you’ve had no sleep or help.

Our original plan was to leave our current campsite and head to our last stop in Texas. However, it would be insane to try to pack and travel after the day we had. Instead, we extended our stay and moved around our next stops.

This turned out to be a very wise decision because, somehow, the rest of us got sick.

It’s been a long few days – being sick with sick kids is no picnic. I can’t wait for all of us to get better. And I REALLY can’t wait to be able to eat again.

First Official Day on the Road in our New RV

Beautiful sunset

Ok, so you’d think wed learn our lesson by now and not try to do a lot in one day … Ya.

After a week of being at the RV repair shop, we were more than ready to hit the road. We’d been told that everything would be done by Monday, after thinking it’s all be done the previous Thursday – all we had left was the trim work and the cooktop.

The missing cooktop finally arrived!

Unfortunately, our cooktop hadn’t been delivered yet, but was due at some point on Monday. Of course, it didn’t arrive until 2p. As promised, it installed quickly and by 3p we were all set.

However, while I thought this meant we could just go, it didn’t. Apparently, we still had to dump our tanks, hook up the car, and refill our propane tanks.

Love cuddling with my boys ❤️

This happened to coincide with the kids naptime and both were melting down. Mini-man desperately wanted his daddy, but Damon had been busy all morning trying to get us ready to leave – something mini-man didn’t understand.

The usually shy mini-man is happy to help when tools are involved 😄

At this point, I was very unhappy with the repair shop. While they were nice and did a nice job repairing everything, not once did they give us a time estimate. They just kept saying it would get done. What really got me was we asked them to order everything ahead of time so it was ready. They didn’t, stating it would only take a day for everything to arrive. Instead, our cooktop took a week and we waited most of the last day for it to be delivered. If they’d ordered when we asked, the delay wouldn’t have happened.

By 4p, we finally hit the road but we didn’t finish our prep work for the inside of the RV. On our first big turn, the fridge door came flying open and food spilled out. Damon stopped to fix it since I’d finally gotten the kids down for naps.

You’d think it be smooth sailing at this point. Unfortunately not. The kids naps last only 30 minutes and both were very cranky for the rest of the trip, which was hard on me since I was going on very little sleep at this point.

Then, as we’re driving, the bunk above the drivers area slowly starts to fall down. We had to stop several times to raise it back up. We later learned we had too much weight on it.

Then, at about 8:30p, we pulled into our campground. We we’re all tired and hungry but we needed to hookup, cook dinner (unfortunately we were 40 minutes from the closest take-out place), and wind down the kids for bed.

What a day! I was more than happy to get to be. And we did learn a few lessons from our first trip

  • We cannot start this late in the day. We need time to set up, play with kids, and eat.
  • We tried to do too much in one day – repairs, breakdown, driving, and setups is too much for one day
  • Be firmer with repair shop on time expectations.
  • It’s much harder to manage both kids at once by myself. In the suburban, Damon could help, at times, with mini-man.

San Antonio – Wrapping Things Up

Dinner with Damon’s parents

Once Phil and Sue left, our time in San Antonio flew by – there was so much we had to get done before we continued our trip. Here’s some of the things we did:

I think he likes the new setup
  • Cleaned the RV
Bye bye Suburban
  • Sold the Suburban
Cleanings a lot harder with kids
  • Organized the trailer
Mini-man was not happy he had to share with little-dude
  • Lots of shopping for supplies!
All ready for Christmas
    • Decorated the RV for Christmas
    Getting in some last minute Christmas lights
      • Visited Elf Acres for their lights
      Rare picture of my boys together
      • Rang in 2018 with a New Year’s Day tradition – watching the Rose Parade

      And all of this had to get done while taking care of an active toddler and a teething baby.

      Gotta swim when you can

      But, it wasn’t all work – we took time to enjoy ourselves, which is a big part of why we are doing things.

      Not feeling well

      By the end of the week, I’d barely gotten any sleep and my headaches we’re getting pretty bad. Unfortunately, for me, we were running out of time and needed to get these things done so we could move on. Just one of the few downfalls of full-time RVing with little kids. 

      Enjoying the RV ❤️

      Hopefully, all of our hard work and new RV will all be worth it in the end and it’ll be the start of a great next leg. Where are we going? Stay tuned!

      San Antonio – Week 3, Part II

      As we headed into the middle of the week, we were all starting to feel better. During our illness, Damon and I started something exciting.

      Our new ride!

      Tuesday: After some research, we found a new RV! A Thor Challenger 37KT. Unlike our travel trailer, this is a class A, which allows us to travel much more comfortably and has much better storage. 

      I like it!

      Excited to be feeling better, we jumped in the car and drove four hours in a small rental car to pick her up. It was a lot of work to to get her, but we did it.

      Playing with the grandparents

      Wednesday: Moving is always a challenge. Add in two kids and a short timeline and it moves to a whole new level. To make things easier, we invited Damon’s parents to visit us and help us move.

      The RiverWalk is beautiful during the holidays

      We met up with them at the San Antonio RiverWalk for som food and discuss what we planned to do the next day.

      So even when we’re sick, we don’t slow down. Now we gotta move.

      San Antonio – Week 2, Part I

      As busy as week 1 was, week 2 seemed even more eventful.

      Hello from the Alamo

      Thursday: another good night’s rest enabled us to do some more exploring. We spent the morning at the playground to give the boys some play time. Then we headed for the famous Alamo.

      Did you know this was originally a church? 

      I have to say, for a city that promotes this fort so much, it really was a let down.  First off, we’d been passing it all week and I had no idea. Second, for all the talk of the Alamo, it was actually a huge defeat for the city, which they try to gloss over.

      What happens when you can’t get any sleep during the night

      After our visit, we headed to the store  to get some stuff for dinner, which turned into a very long walk. While it was tiring, the days activities helped tire out the boys and get them to bed early that night. However, we were met with an unpleasant surprise. Apparently, Thursday night is music night at a nearby restaurant. And. They. We’re. LOUD!

      Keeping him asleep was difficult, to say the least

      I’m all for music but not at 9p on a Thursday night near an neighborhood!! When we complained, they basically said ‘well they’re booked til 11. There’s nothing we can do’. So we called the police to complain. However, we have no idea if it worked as they did stop after 11p. (Not great for my sleep).

      According to a neighbor we met during all this, this happens every week and Fridays are worse, since more restaurants hosts their music nights. Definitely not information that was included on Airbnb when we rented the house.

      So happy to have our baby back

      Friday: Thank goodness our car and RV were ready – I was NOT going to try to get my kids to sleep with so much loud music planned for the evening. So while I spent the morning with the boys (mini-man fell asleep), Damon picked up and delivered our RV back to our RV resort. I’ve never been so happy to see my RV in a long time. 

      Saturday: Even though we just got the RV back to the RV resort, this was our final day. Due to availability, we booked ourselves at two different sites while were in San Antonio. 

      Having fun at Walmart

      So after some morning errands, we spent a wonderful afternoon enjoying our resort.

      We got some cascarones, or confetti eggs, at a local store, which mini-man loved destroying

      Enjoying the pool

      Then we went to the pool, which mini-man adored and little-dude, not so much (he preferred to nap).

      Im ready to drive

      All of these activities added up to early bedtimes for the boys. Good thing, too, since we’re moving in the morning. 

      Sunday: although we had a slow start, we managed to get out of our campsite on time. However, we didn’t realize that most of our path would be blocked by the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon. Slightly annoyed, we had to figure out where we could go while the marathon finished.

      Hanging out while we wait

      Thank goodness for Walmart. There was one accessible and close to our campsite with plenty of parking. We were able to pickup something’s and have lunch while we waited for the roads to clear up.

      Christmas decorations up!

      After setting up and Naptime, we decided to decorate the RV for Christmas.

      While this was happening, little-dude achieved a major milestone – he started crawling!!!

      And, if you can believe it, even more happened during the rest of the week. 

      Visiting SeaWorld San Antonio

      Mini-man’s first visit to SeaWorld San Diego

      SeaWorld has a special place in my heart. I grew up going to the park in San Diego and worked for the Orlando park marketing for many years. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to visit the San Antonio park.

      Some of my favorite SeaWorld memories

      Now before I talk about our visit, I want to make something clear – I support Seaworld. They aren’t perfect, but no company is. As a whole, their efforts help marine animals around the world is incredible. I don’t care if you’ve seen that film. Seeing a 90 minute documentary doesn’t make you an expert. Educating yourself, helping animals, dedicating your life to conservation – that makes you an expert. Which is what SeaWorld is all about – teaching the public how to care for our oceans. Because if we don’t, then we’re in danger of losing a whole, valuable eco-system. Now I will step off my soap box and tell you about our wonderful trip!

      Main entrance to the park

      Unlike her sister parks, SeaWorld San Antonio is a seasonal park. Right now, they are only open on weekends and start letting people in at 1p. Another difference is their entrance plaza. Unlike San Diego and Orlando, all of San Antonio’s parks are next to each other.

      Entrance to SeaWorld

      So when we arrived, we were greeted by a nice, albeit slightly confusing, entrance plaza. 

      Both boys enjoyed the Bay of Play area

      Once we entered the park, the first thing we see is Bay of Play, the kids play area. This is great for us, as we could get the kids out instantly and start playing.

      The comedy styling of Clyde and Seamore

      Next we headed to see everyones favorite sea lions – Clyde and Seamore. I’ve always loved them since I was a child. However, the jokes in the show only made sense to locals, which I guess is their primary audience.

      I. ❤️. 🐧!

      Afterwards we headed to see the penguins, one of the few animal exhibits in the park. I love penguins and felt giddy going through the exhibit. Mini-man even enjoyed seeing the penguins!

      The area outside of Shamu Stadium was beautiful

      At this point, the sun is setting and the Christmas lights are starting to come one. The park was absolutely beautiful covered in 8 million lights. 

      Im super proud of this picture. I’m no photographer, so the fact that this came out makes me really happy.

      Next up, was an impromptu stop to see Shamu’s Christmas Miracle. I’m so glad we stopped. It’s a beautiful show filled with Wonder music. Plus, their staduim wraps around their killer whale pool, giving everyone a nice view of the show. 

      Loved all the lights

      At this point, we we’re all tired, so we started to head towards the front of the park. This worked out well as most of the pathway was lined with Christmas lights. 

      We had a great time and highly recommend visiting the park if you ever get the chance.

      San Antonio – Week 1, Part II

      Our temporary home while the RV was in the shop

      Since our RV was in the shop, we spent the second half of the week in a rental house, near downtown. 

      The famous San Antonio RiverWalk

      Monday: After relaxing in the morning, we decided to take advantage of our proximity to downtown and headed to the RiverWalk. I’ve heard wonderful stories about the RiverWalk, and it did not disappoint – it was beautiful and really lovely place to walk around (although I could imagine it’s not so nice when it’s busy). 

      Happy to get some good Mexican food. Not the greatest I’ve ever had, but still satisfying

      Mini-man fell asleep, so we decided to stop and have some food. It was enjoyable to eat and drink by the river front. The food was good but the service was terrible – we ordered just appetizers, which hadn’t come when I saw another table receive their entree’s, which were ordered after ours. We didn’t get anything until we complained. Super annoying

      Mini-man made himself at home in the rental house. Nice layout, but too big for us

      Tuesday: What. A. Rough. Day. Little-dude hit the peak of teething, so I was up most of the night nursing him. I was exhausted. When I finally got him to sleep, mini-man woke up and started making tons of noise. Resigned to no sleep, Damon and I traded kids – I played with mini-man and he carried little-dude. 

      Little-dude loves playing with the other baby

      But of course, when mini-man got tired, we switched back – mini-man went down for a nap with Damon and little-dude woke up wanting to play. Don’t know how I ended up with the awake child all day. By the end of the day, I was tired and very cranky. Fortunately, Damon and I stopped and talked, which always helps. We eventually got both kids to bed and I managed to catch up on sleep.

      This playground was just a short walk from our rental and was great for mini-man

      Wednesday: This time, everyone got great sleep, which means energy. We took advantage and headed out to play. We found this amazing playground the mini-man loved. Lots of things to touch, splash, climb, and play on. And it was empty! It also gave Damon and me some ideas for a future project. 

      Huge slide!

      Interesting story: while mini-man was playing on the splash pad, some people come by with their dogs and were high on something. They start letting their dogs go into the water (which isn’t allowed), intentionally scaring them, and let them drink the water. I’m an animal person and hate seeing animals harmed, so I mentioned that the dogs could get sick from drinking the water. Two of the group were nice about it, but the third (obviously the dumbest of the group), took offense and started arguing that I was accusing him of mistreating his dog. 

      The playground was so amazing, Damon couldn’t resist playing on it himself

      Luckily, the other two pulled him away before anything could happen, but I really couldn’t believe what was happening and got very upset. I was trying to help and get attacked. I truly feel sorry for the dogs. 
      Fortunately, we didn’t let that little episode ruin our day. We spent the rest of the morning, enjoying the playground. 

      Lovin’ my new clothes

      After a lunch break, we head to the mall for a much needed shopping trip for me. My body’s changed since having two kids and many of my clothes are either maternity or nursing tops. I was ready for some new clothes that fit better but still allowed me to nurse. I feel so much better with my new clothes!

      One week down, four to go and so many more things that we want to do.