Monday Motivation: Six Years of Marriage

Six years ago, my best friend and I made it official. However, I felt married to him long before our wedding day. For me, our wedding day was just making our relationship legally binding. 

Damon and I had met five years prior, at Disney right after a hurricane hit. We were friends immediately. 

Soon after we were selected for a special training class. During this class Damon got up to get some pens for the class. He tripped, and the pens went flying. He turned beet red and I thought he was the cutest thing ever. He asked me out later that afternoon. 

I knew he was special immediately. However, there was a point where I wondered if he was too old for me. Fortunately, some part of my brain yelled at me, telling me it was dumb to stop seeing someone fantastic just because of age.

Soon after that, we traveled to Disneyland together and I knew this guy was special. I wasn’t 100% positive that I would marry him but I knew that he would be an important person in my life. 

So as you can imagine, by the time our wedding day rolled around it was just another day of adventure with Damon. We were already an awesome partnership, which continues to this day. 

I love our life and adventures together. It hasn’t been easy but nothing valuable in life is every easy. And I can’t wait to see what this road ahead has in store for us.

California Adventure: The Queen Mary

Over the holidays we won tickets to see the Christmas version of the Queen Mary. 

The area consisted to rides, mazes, an indoor snow tube ride, an ice exhibit themed to ‘A Christmas Carole’, and a tour of the Queen Mary.

First off, I am so Glad we went after Christmas as there were hardly any people there.

We started in the ice exhibit – beautfully themed to ‘A Christmas Carole’. The detail was exquisite. Mini-man was fascinated the whole time.

Next, we decided to go outside to warm up. We took mini-man through a maze and he had a blast! (especially in the ball pit).

Damon really wanted to try the snow tuning so we headed back inside of the ice tent. I skipped since mini-man was attached to me at the time and I felt I couldn’t leave him.

Mini-man was too small for any of the rides, so we headed over to tour the Queen Mary. I kid you not, I felt like I was on the Titanic. There should have been Lord’s and Ladies walking around the deck. I loved getting to go back in time on the gorgeous ship. 

I also learned that several scenes rom the first Love Boat were shot on board (eek!). And, as it turned it, this was the same port where the Love Boat docked and shot their in port scenes (double eek!)

The sun was setting and mini-man was tired so we decided to head home. I’m glad we got to experience this fun exhibit and ship.

California Adventure: Irving Park Railroad 

Last December was our first jolly holiday season with Mini-man and I wanted to take him to some fun holiday events.

Thanks to local mommy blogs, I was introduced to the Irving Park Railroad, which was hosting a Santas Village and Christmas Train.

We went early in the day – 1. to avoid crowds and 2. To not keep mini-man up too late. 

First we rode the train to the North Pole. We decided to skip meeting Santa – mini-man isn’t a fan of people in costumes and he freaks out (and I refuse to force him to do things that scare him). So we got back on the train and headed back to the village. The train ride was cute but mini-man wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole experience.

Mini-man was too young to enjoy any of the games that were there but he had fun exploring the maze and just walking around.

After a while, we decided to explore the rest of the park. What we found was a beautiful park that’s perfect for families. I wish we could have gone more (it’s 90 minutes from where we are and that’s too long to keep mini-man in his car seat). 

California Adventure: San Diego

I was born in San Diego (die-hard Charger and Padres girl right here), so I made it a priority to visit while we were in California.

We managed to get two visits in. On our first visit we took a train down to San Diego. 

We had fun visiting the World Famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego.

Our second visit was a stop in one of our cruises and I set up a sailing excursion along the bay. It was a beautiful day to see the city and very relaxing.

However, fours hours on a sail boat is a bit resticrive for a one-year old. Fortunately, we found an amazing playground really close to our ship. Mini-man had a blast swinging, running around, and getting wet. 

San Diego is such a beautiful place. I am so glad that I got to share it with my family.

California Adventure: The Beach

One of the first weekend we were here we took mini-man to the beach. A big change from Orlando, where the nearest beach is 90 minutes away and has tons of public access, the closest beach to uabwas several hours away. Then when we finally arrived, there was very little public parking and access to the beach was limited – very rocky terrain.

But being the adventurous people we are, we went down the path and ended up in a rocky area of the beach. After walking for over an hour we finally found a spot where we could sit – but you can imagine how tired we all were. We cooled off in the ocean – mini-man loved his feet in the water – but were more than ready to head home.

At this point mini-man was crying and I didn’t have the energy to go back the way we came. Unfortunately, each access point back to the car was private. Damon and I agreed to split at this point – he want back the way we came and I headed for the nearest public access point with mini-man.

Thank goodness we met some nice people who let mini-man and me use their private access. I got to the shade and called Damon immediately. As soon as he showed up, mini-man passed out.

Needless to say this adventurous trip was a bit much for all of us. We soon discovered that our pool was just steps away from our front door and a  much easier place to take mini-man for some water fun. 

California Adventures: Top 15

Over the past year, we’ve had numerous adventures together. Here is our top 15 adventures, in no particular order (I tried but I kept redoing it – there were too many amazing adventures):

  1. Pasadena Children’s Museum
  2. Los Angeles Zoo
  3. Disneyland
  4. The Queen Mary
  5. Irving Park Railroad
  6. San Diego
  7. San Francisco
  8. Pasadena
  9. Food
  10. Santa Barbara 
  11. Our Apartment
  12. Cruising
  13. Glendale
  14. Beach
  15. Rose Parade

Join us over the next two weeks as we go through our biggest adventures while we countdown our last days in Glendale. 

Welcoming Mini-man into our Clan


Two years ago Damon and I were on a cruise when I noticed something peculiar. One day I’m enjoying soda and cruise food and the next (literally the next day) soda made me ill and all I wanted to eat were salads. I suspected something was up but dismissed it. However, my suspicions were confirmed when we got home – I was pregnant. 10 months later, we welcomed a bouncing, baby boy into our family.


When my due date arrived, I was done being pregnant. At my check-up with my midwife she said I was close but could still be another week. As you can imagine, I couldn’t bare the thought of waiting any longer to give birth. I was anxious to meet mini-man and to stop being pregnant. That night I tried as many home remedies as I could to jump start labor – spicy food, Epson salt bath, magnesium, etc. I don’t know if these worked or if it was just time – but in a few hours I was in labor.


I woke Damon up at one in the morning and he called our midwife who confirmed I was in labor. She hurried over and began setting things up. What happened next was one of the most amazing experience of my life.


In bed with Damon I began to progress. There was no pressure to hurry; the room was calm; my midwife encouraged me – I felt so safe and strong. Many of my friends said that labor scared them. I never felt more empowered. Not once during the process did I think ‘I can’t do this’. I trusted my body and the people around me. This made for a very easy birth.


After nine hours of labor, mini-man was in my arms. The first thing I heard my midwife say was ‘Oh my god he’s huge!’. Turns out I had just pushed out a 10lb, 22 in little boy with no drugs! That’s right no drugs – just peace, quiet, and a lot of amazing support.


And we were off. Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. But the experience of a homebirth is a great way to start. Immediately it’s just you and the baby. I think that immediacy forces you to step up and start taking care of the baby.

Believe it or not, most women can have a home birth. I know the idea can be scary, but i encourage you to look into it. You never know until you try and what you gain is amazing.