Eating on the Road

Grilling outside

Since hitting the road, we’ve been pretty good about cooking and eating healthy food. However, when our kitchen slide stopped working, it made eating in really hard.

Yummy tacos

Which also made eating out much easier. We tried utilizing the grill and the outdoor kitchen (which a lot of people are envious of), but when your dealing with kids and a broken RV, eating out becomes very tempting.

NY bagels are the best! (Still have some in the fridge)

Unfortunately for me, I’m lactose intolerant, and since having little-dude, chicken seems to upset my stomach (and his). This eliminates most fast food, including salads if they’re premade. Which means eating the same thing each time we go out.

This has resulted in a very rough car ride for me – all this fast food +  lots of bumpy roads = my first time getting car sick (an experience I could have lived without). 

Mmmm… Home-made Kefta

Now that I have my kitchen back, I’m looking forward to eating better and getting back on better terms with my tummy.