Little Luck at Lake Smith Mountain

It looks like we are pushing our luck this week. It seems to have held up, for the most part.

After a long drive from Hazard, Kentucky, we were very happy to arrive in Sassafras, Virginia (I just love the name). It was 8 pm and we had just enough light to set up the trailer. Unfortunately, Damon couldn’t get the slides to work. This meant that we could get into the bedroom, playroom or kitchen. 

Damon found some nice people in a neighboring trailer to help but it was late and really hard to see anything. So we made the call to get a hotel and start fresh in the morning.

Unlike Hazard, we weren’t near a downtown area with a festival. We had to drive a bit to get cell service. Luckily, we were near a pretty big town with fast food and hotels. By 10pm, we had food and a room.

However, we had two kids and two cats who’d been in the car for a long time. While we wanted to sleep, they wanted to play. It took hours for everyone to go to bed, which meant that Damon and I didn’t get great sleep.

Early this morning, Damon got up (after just 6 hours of sleep) and headed to the trailer to try and figure what was wrong. While he was gone, I was in a room with an energetic toddler and baby. After 5 hours, I was exhausted and the room looked like a tornado hit it.

The good news – we know what’s wrong. The bad news – we could only fix half of it. 

It turns out that all the wires in our trailer start at our control panel, run down to the floor, then spread out. Unfortunately, the part before the wires spread out is located near one of our slides. The movement of the trailer on the road rubbed the cables, causing them to short and some even melted! We’re not sure if this is a manufacturer error or if the previous owner did something to cause this.

A local shop was able to trouble shoot the trailer to get most of it working. However, the computer that runs the kitchen slide isn’t working. We’ve found a new one at our next stop in Williamsburg, but we need someone to diagnose our current box and possibly replace it. 

While it’s a lot to tackle in a short amount of time, we’re also very lucky. This week, we’ve meet so many nice people who’ve helped us without asking for anything in return. 

Now to see what’s ahead in Williamsburg. I hope that we get everything fixed and nothing else goes wrong – I’ve really been looking forward to these next few stops and I’d hate to skip some things to do more RV projects.